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Helldivers 2: How to Fix Can’t Reinforce Bug

Players are facing a bug in Helldivers 2 that prevents them from reinforcing other players. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes.

A fairly common bug in Helldivers 2 is stopping players from calling down reinforcements. Whenever this occurs, if a player attempts to use the Reinforce stratagem, a beacon is thrown and then disappears shortly afterward. Don’t worry, you haven’t just thrown a beacon down at the same time as another player. If this happens, the game has bugged out. Fortunately, while it can be incredibly frustrating in the moment and lead to a ruined game, there are some fixes.

How to Fix the Can’t Reinforce Bug in Helldivers 2

To fix the can’t reinforce bug in Helldivers 2, you can either wait a minute or two or head back to your ship. You don’t need to restart your game. Simply quitting the match with or without your team and then starting a new match will fix the issue. In our experience, waiting a short while did fix the issue. However, if you’ve been waiting for longer than two minutes, it’s likely it won’t work.

Additionally, it is worth checking your internet connection and encouraging your teammates to do the same. The issue seems to happen whenever there’s a desync between players, which occurs when one player’s connection isn’t as good as the others. If your connection isn’t as solid, it could be the reason why you can’t be reinforced or reinforce the other players and vice versa. Here is a breakdown of how to fix this issue:

  • Wait one to two minutes and try again
  • Head back to your ship and start a new match
  • Check your internet connection to make sure you’re not lagging out
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It’s important to note that getting yourself killed to try and trigger a full reinforcement of the whole team will not work. This will either result in everyone being unable to be reinforced or the people who were able to play being reinforced. Outside of that, it’s a case of Arrowhead Game Studio fixing the issue on its end. This is just one of many bugs affecting the game right now and ruining matches. You can check to see if it is fixed via Arrowhead Game Studio’s X account. That’s everything you need to know about fixing the can’t reinforce bug in Helldivers 2. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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