Helldivers 2 Flying Bugs What Are Shriekers?

Helldivers 2 Flying Bugs: What Are Shriekers?

Fans have spotted a new flying bug enemy while attempting to spread democracy on Terminid-occupied planets in Helldivers 2. We go into what they are below!

The new flying bugs, known as Shriekers, started appearing after the most recent patch, which made Chargers and Bile Titans easier to kill. The thing is, Shriekers were nowhere to be seen in the patch notes. Players had to find out about them the hard way. It turns out that Shriekers were stealthily added to give players a nasty surprise.

What Are the New “Flying Bugs” Shrieker Enemies in Helldivers 2?

Flying bugs, also known as Shriekers, are a new Terminid enemy type, included in the most recent patch of Helldivers 2. They are flying variants of the Terminid enemy faction that can swoop in and kill you if you’re not careful. Arrowhead Game Studios didn’t mention Shriekers in the patch notes, meaning players had to learn about their existence by stumbling upon them in-game.

After the most recent update, players started encountering these monstrous flying bugs while bringing the fight to the Terminids. Arrowhead’s very own CEO, Johan Pilestedt, made a post on X (Twitter) that raised some eyebrows:

Despite Pilestedt’s elusive comments, players have posted more than enough video evidence, proving their existence once and for all:

As you can see, these flying bugs can take you completely off guard if you’re not keeping an eye out. Thankfully, they only seem to spawn around Shrieker Lairs, which appear as big, yellow mushroom-like spores while exploring the map. We reckon a few well-placed Eagle 500kg bombs should do the trick. A couple of handy sentries also wouldn’t go amiss to take out any stragglers flying overhead.

The introduction of the new flying bug enemy type comes hand in hand with the most recent Major Order. Players must work together to activate the Terminid Control Systems to push back the alien threat. Many predict this will go awry and stoke the flames even more by creating even bigger and harder-hitting monsters to face.

If so, we hope Arrowhead Game Studios can provide players with a few more helpful Stratagems to level the playing field, such as a new Mech variant or some new vehicles. Until then, make sure to head over to our Guide Hub for everything else on Helldivers 2!