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Hades 2: All Regions

Hades 2 has various regions for players to get through on their way to defeating Chronos. Of course, getting a good lay of the land in advance is key to surviving each run.

The world of Hades 2 is vast, and players will embark on quite the journey to defeat Chronos, the Titan of Time. Players must ensure they not only have good weapons and Incantations but also be wary of the various areas. As the game has two routes to explore, there are some unique locations to fight through in Hades 2. Below, we detail the different regions players will encounter in the game.

All Regions in Hades 2

There are seven regions spread across the two routes in Hades 2 that players will progress through. However, players should note that the game is still being worked on as it is in Steam Early Access. Because of this, we will likely see additional locations added to the game in a future update. If more areas are added, we’ll be sure to update this article. In the meantime, players curious to know about the game’s varied regions can see them below.

The Crossroads

The Crossroads is the hub world of Hades 2 and where players return to once their run has ended. The area serves many of their needs, including conjuring Incantations, equipping different weapons, and, as a new feature, determining which direction you will go. It is best for players to get antiquated with the areas of The Crossroads. Doing so lets you know of the various stations and places you can unlock as you continue to play the game. Players will meet the following characters at The Crossroads: Dora, Hecate, Hypnos, Moros, Nemesis, Odysseus, and Schelemus. Players who have played the first Hades can liken this area to the House of Hades location.

Hades 2 crossroads area
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The city of Ephyra is the first region that players enter if they choose to take the ascension path to Olympus from The Crossroads. The area is unique as it resembles a town with various doors to open. A feature of both Hades games is doors to progress, but in Ephyra, there are 12 different ones to choose from. Luckily, the area is not a maze and does not try to trick you. Out of the 12 doors, only six need to be cleared, and after that, you can progress to the next area on the path, the Rift of Thessaly.

Hades 2 Ephyra
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Rift of Thessaly

The Rift of Thessaly is another unique area in Hades 2. The setting has players fighting on different ships as they sail across the Rift of Thessaly. The area is all close quarters, and players must be aware of their surroundings to survive. It is best to always be on the move so as not to get cornered. Additionally, make sure to bring the boons you favor the most, as the Rift of Thessaly is the last area you go through on the Olympus path.

Rift of Thessaly hades 2
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Erebus is the first region players will head to if they go down the Underworld route in Hades 2. The area is filled with forests and is comparable to Tarturus from the first Hades. Because this is the first area, players do not have to worry too much about more complicated enemies and can focus on getting used to the various mechanics and gameplay. While exploring Erebus, it is recommended to experiment with different boons and collect materials to use later.

erebus area
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If you are going into the Oceanus region thinking you will enjoy beautiful waters and beaches, then we have some bad news. The region is filled with tougher enemies to fight, and they will try harder to take you down, especially as you get closer to fighting Chronos. Players looking to collect materials can find such ones as Limestone, Pearls, Lotus, and Cattail Seeds scattered around the region. Additionally, it’s not just enemies that are a problem here; as with other regions, the environmental hazards will cause harm, so be careful.

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Fields of Mourning

The Fields of Mourning are open and stunning, but they are also full of melancholy. The encounter arenas are big, so you have plenty of room to move around compared to the Rift of Thessaly. However, the enemies are much tougher because you are even further down. At this point in your Underworld journey, it is best to ensure that you have Boons that best suit your preferred build, as your goal of reaching Chronos is getting ever closer to completion. Because the areas are big, be sure to search everywhere, not just for resources like Glassrock but for enemies that may be stopping you from progressing to the next encounter.

Fields of Mourning Hades 2
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The final region in the Underworld may seem familiar because it is the first region from the original Hades. Tartarus is in the belly of the Underworld, and players will face their toughest challenges. Although there are only five encounters, the enemies will be relentless, and they lead to the final boss, Chronos. The bosses in Hades 2 are tough, but Chronos will test all of your skills. Traverse through Tartarus with the utmost caution and preserve your health, as you will need it against the Titan of Time.

Tartarus Hades 2
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Those are all the regions players will encounter in Hades 2. As previously stated, the game is in Early Access. So, it is possible that we will get at least one more region added later on. However, while you wait, if you are curious about other details for Hades 2, be sure to visit our Guide Hub.