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Hades 2: What is Blitz and How to Upgrade It?

The Blitz enhancement for Boons in Hades 2 is a powerful aid during your combat encounters; here is everything you need to know, including how to upgrade it.

Hades 2 sends players on a harrowing journey through various regions of Greek mythology. Along the way, you will have to battle countless enemies and bosses trying to stop you from achieving your goals. Although there are various means to help you, including Arcana Cards, enhancements for Boons are also essential to give you the upper hand against your adversaries. One such Boon enhancement is Blitz, and having it will give you that little extra advantage during battles in the game.

What is Blitz in Hades 2?

Blitz is an enhancement ability that is part of specific Boons that players select after encounters in Hades 2. Blitz, specifically, is a curse that affects enemies in the game. After damaging foes for 120 damage, the affected enemies get struck by lightning for three seconds. Along with the Boon giving you an ability, sometimes they will come with enhancements that can either be a bonus or detriment for your run. In the case of Blitz, it is a fantastic passive damage bonus to acquire. Players can identify if a Boon has an enhancement, as it will have additional effects on the right side when you are hovering over the Boon selections, so be on the lookout for Blitz in that area.

Players will be doing plenty of damage to enemies while they clear rooms in Hades 2, and Blitz assists in that directly. Especially if you can pair it with something like Sister Blades, you can be moving and damaging while also getting that bonus Blitz damage. Furthermore, as enemies get stronger later on, that extra chip damage from Blitz allows you to safely retreat and defeat enemies without being near. Additionally, as bosses can be unforgiving in the game, players can play safer strategies by dealing enough damage to both get hits in and trigger Blitz to aid as well. All in all, this enhancement is one of the strongest Boons.

Hades 2 Blitz boon enhancement
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How To Upgrade Blitz in Hades 2

Upgrading Blitz in Hades 2 is simple and requires players to select the Boons, that offer Blitz, they wish to upgrade and increase their rarity. For example, when it comes to the Heaven Flourish Boon from Zeus, the damage of Blitz from Specials increases with each rarity. Below is the upgrade for the Boon:

  • Common: 100 Blitz Damage
  • Rare: 140 Blitz Damage
  • Epic: 180 Blitz Damage
  • Heroic: 220 Blitz Damage

When players upgrade the rarity of their already equipped Boons, it helps to boost the effects contained within the Boon. In this case, Blitz jumps up over 120 extra damage if players manage to get it to the Heroic rarity. If players wish to utilize Blitz fully in their builds, they are a part of Zeus’ Boons. Therefore, when selecting, be on the lookout for Zeus’ symbol, which is conveniently a thunderbolt. Focusing on those icons will have you selecting from his Boons and give you extra chances of inflicting and upgrading your Blitz.

That is everything to know about Blitz in Hades 2 and how to upgrade it. Boons and their enhancements are vital to progressing further in your runs, so ensure you experiment with different ones to suit your playstyle in the game. In the meantime, if you enjoyed this article and wish to see more on Hades 2, we encourage you to head over to our Guide Hub here.