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GTA Online Weekly Details: April 18-24

There are weekly GTA Online events and discounts that players can take advantage of; here are the weekly offerings for April 18-24.

Players can participate in the highlighted events to earn extra GTA$ and RP. Furthermore, they can obtain the highlighted vehicles at a discounted price.

Bonus Content in GTA Online This Week

  • Green 4/20 Dress, Coil Earth Day Tee, and replenished snacks. (Log in to GTA Online to receive)
  • White High Brass Tee (Complete a Biker Business Sell Mission)
  • Black High Brass Tee (Complete any Short Trip)

Bonus GTA$ Opportunites This Week

  • Short Trips (x2 GTA$ and RP)
  • Biker Business Sell Missions (x2 GTA$ and RP)
  • Biker Bar Resupply Missions (x2 GTA$ and RP)
  • MC Clubhouse Work, Challenges, and Contracts (x2 GTA$ and RP)
  • Overtime Rumble Adversary Mode (x2 GTA$ and RP)
  • Lamar Contact Missions including Lowriders (x2 GTA$ and x4 XP)
  • Weed Sales to Street Dealers (x2 GTA$)
  • Earn GTA$ – 100,000 in Biker Business Sales to get GTA$ – 100,000 and a Black 4/20 Cap (Weekly Challenge)
  • Grotti Furia, Übermacht Cypher, Canis Kamacho (Salvage Yard Robberies)

GTA Online Weekly Discounts

  • Motorcycle Club Abilities (Free)
  • Coil Raiden (40% Off)
  • Obey Omnis e-GT (40% Off)
  • Grenade Launcher (40% Off, discount available at Gun Van for GTA+ members only)
  • Biker Clubhouse Properties, including Upgrades and Mods (30% Off)
  • Biker Business, including Business Upgrades (30% Off)
  • Coil Cyclone II (30% Off)
  • Nagasaki Chimera (30% Off)
  • Obey I-Wagen (30% Off)
  • Penaud La Coureuse (30% Off)
  • Western Powersurge (30% Off)
  • Western Zombie Chopper (30% Off)
  • RPG (30% Off, discount available at Gun Van)
La Coureuse GTA Online
Penaud La Coureuse, Image Credit – Rockstar Games

Weekly Cars Available to Purchase in GTA Online

Simeon’s Showroom

  • Coil Raiden (GTA$ – 1,375,000/Discount – 825,000)
    • * Unavailable again after this week
  • Coil Voltic (GTA$ – 150,000)
    • * Unavailable again after this week
  • Penaud La Coureuse (GTA$ – 1,990,000/Discount – 1,393,000)
  • Obey Omnis e-GT (GTA$ – 1,795,000/Discount – 1,077,000)
  • Överflöd Imorgon (GTA$ – 2,165,000)
    • * Unavailable again after this week

Luxury Autos Showroom

  • Declasse Impaler LX (GTA$ – 1,465,000)
  • Karin Asterope GZ (GTA$ – 459,000)

Hao’s Time Trial Ride

  • Coil Cyclone II (GTA$ – 1,575,000 with discount applied/2,050,000 with HSW Conversion)

Diamond Casino Podium Vehicle

  • Invetero Coquette D10 (GTA$ – 1,510,000)
Coil Cyclone II GTA Online
Coil Cyclone II, Image Credit – Rockstar Games

GTA Online – LS Car Meet

Prize Ride Challenge

  • Place Top 4 in the LS Car Meet Series for four consecutive days.
    • Prize: Dewbauchee JB 700W

Car Meet Test Rides

  • Pegassi Tezeract (GTA$ – 2,825,000)
  • Pfister Neon (GTA$ – 1,500,000)
  • Obey I-Wagen (GTA$ – 1,720,000/Discount – 1,204,000

GTA+ Membership Benefits for GTA Online

  • Progen Itali GTB (Free)
  • Oil Slick Pearl Chameleon Paint (Free)
  • Magenta-Yellow Flip Chameleon Wheel Paint (Free)
  • Fooligan Tee and Vest (Free)
  • Black LS Cap and Coil Cyclone Tee (Free)
  • Biker Clubhouses and Business (50% Off)
  • Operation Paper Trail Missions (x2 GTA$ and RP)
  • MC Clubhouse Work, Challenges, and Contracts (x2 GTA$ and RP)
  • Boosted Business Production Speed (50%)
  • Bonus GTA$ – 1,000,000 from April to August
  • Gun Van location (Always on the map)
  • Taxi Services (Free)
  • CEO/VIP Abilities (Free)
  • GTA$ ($500,000)
  • Vinewood Club Garage Access with over 100 vehicle storage space
  • Vinewood Car Club with the following vehicles to test drive and purchase with an exclusive discount:
    • Progen Itali GTB
    • Shitzu Hakuchou Drag
    • Truffade Z-Type
    • Nagasaki Shinobi
    • Vapid Dominator GT
    • Annis Remus
    • Benefactor SM722
    • Imponte Deluxo
    • Ocelot Stromberg
    • Principe Deveste Eight

That is everything available for players in the GTA Online weekly refresh of April 18-24. If you found this guide helpful and want to see more, be sure to head to our Guide Hub.


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