Rockstar Raises the Price of GTA+ by up to 40%

Rockstars subscription service GTA+ has received a price hike of up to 40%, depending on where you are around the world.

As the years have passed, companies have raised prices for much-loved video game subscription services. For example, both Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus received a price increase to continue using the service in 2023. Unfortunately, those who were hoping it would stop there are out of luck. Not only has EA Play increased its prices recently, but now GTA+ has also joined in, with a price hike of up to 40%.

What Is The Price Increase for GTA+?

In the US, Europe, and Australia, the GTA+ subscription service has received a 33% price increase, while the UK has received a 40% price increase. Those who continue to use GTA+ will receive the same benefits before the price increase. The original prices would set back users USD$5.99, €5.99, AUD$8.95, and £4.99 monthly. Below, we list the new prices of GTA+.

  • US: $7.99
  • Europe: €7.99
  • Australia: $11.95
  • UK: $6.99
Image Credit – PlayStation

Of course, the new price increase reflects the additional content available to those who subscribe. For example, you now get access to the remastered version of Red Dead Redemption, as well as the remastered GTA Trilogy. Later in the year, Rockstar has promised to bundle in L.A. Noire and Bully as well. Additionally, until August, subscribers will get $1,000,000 GTA bucks a month, as well as a bonus supercar in the summer

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