Is Final Fantasy 16 Coming to Xbox?

Square Enix’s anticipated Final Fantasy 16 raises questions about its release platforms, particularly its PS5 exclusivity, and whether or not the game will come to Xbox.

Final Fantasy 16, the latest instalment in the renowned Final Fantasy series, carries forward the legacy of immersive gameplay that the franchise is known for while introducing new elements to refresh the experience.

Final Fantasy 16 Platform Details

The initial launch of Final Fantasy 16 will be exclusive to the PS5 console, continuing the close relationship between Sony and the Final Fantasy franchise.

Although, there are burning questions surrounding the future of Final Fantasy XVI and whether or not it will release on other consoles.

Final Fantasy 16 Press kit

Will Final Fantasy 16 be on PlayStation 4?

Unfortunately, there’s little evidence to suggest Final Fantasy 16 will be available on the PlayStation 4 or any last-gen consoles. Initially, Sony hinted at a PS4 release. However, the current trajectory indicates a shift away from the older platforms.

Square Enix has now firmly planted the game as a PS5 exclusive. Hence, it’s unlikely that the game will make its way to the PlayStation 4 platform. Players should look to the PS5 to experience FF16, but also keep their fingers crossed if they are hoping for the unlikely PS4 release.

Final Fantasy 16 Press kit

Will Final Fantasy 16 be on Xbox or Xbox Game Pass?

Final Fantasy XVI is not expected to come to Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One, and Xbox players might need to look elsewhere if they want to play the game

The reason for this is that Sony has signed deals with third-party developers to prevent them from working with Microsoft. Square Enix has permission to work with other companies, but Microsoft and the Xbox are specifically off-limits.

While the exact details of the reasoning are unclear, it means that third-party games made for Sony are unlikely to come to Xbox in the near future, and may never come to Xbox at all.

This is a surprising development, as it has been the norm for third-party games to be released on multiple platforms. However, it is clear that Sony is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain its dominance in the console market.

Ultimately, it is up to the gamers to decide which console they want to buy. If you want to play Final Fantasy XVI, you will need to buy a PlayStation 5. However, if you are not interested in playing Final Fantasy XVI, you may want to consider buying an Xbox or another console.

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