Witchery Academy Seeks To Blend Stardew Valley and Harry Potter

Magical life-simulator Witchery Academy, by Cubenary, is coming soon to Steam.

Witchery Academy is a cosy, magical life-simulator that puts the player in the role of a student at a Hogwarts type school. It’s up to you what you do, attend classes, make friends with the other students and teachers around the school, chill with your spirit companion or complete some quests!

This sounds like the ultimate Harry Potter simulator while we wait for the hotly-anticipated Hogwarts Legacy. You can customise your character and your spirit animal, which is a neat touch, and will be able to explore the academy and perhaps even uncover its secrets! Sounds like fun!

Witchery Academy - Gameplay
Image Credit – Cubenary

If you’re in the market for a cutesy magical life-simulator, then this might just be the title for you. Its visuals are reminiscent of My Time In Portia, and its gameplay looks to be a cross between Stardew Valley, the recent Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and the classic Harry Potter games on PC (remember those!). It also reminds me of the upcoming Witchbrook! We’re really being inundated with magical life-sims as of late.

This is a game being developed by just two experienced game developers and has been in development for over a year. Hopefully, when it launches, it’ll bring with it all the magic and sparkle we’re hoping for!

If this title intrigues you, then head over to Witchery Academy’s Steam store page and get wishlisting!

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