XDefiant Guns and Weapons Guide

XDefiant: All Guns and Weapons Available At Launch

XDefiant is an upcoming free-to-play shooter by Ubisoft and features familiar names of guns and weapons from other shooters.

While Factions play a huge role in XDefiant, you can’t get far without decent guns and weapons. Fortunately, plenty of information has already been confirmed for the highly anticipated shooter.

XDefiant Weapons and Guns list

There are 24 known weapons and guns in XDefiant:

  • Assault Rifles: M4A1, AK-47, M16A4, ACR 6.8
  • SMGs: MP5A2, Vector .45 ACP, P90, MP7
  • Shotguns: M870, Double Barrel, AA-12
  • LMGs: M249, RPK-74, M60
  • Marksman Rifles: MK 20 SSR, SVD
  • Sniper Rifles: M44, TAC-50
  • Pistols: M9, 686 Magnum, M1911, D50, 93R
XDefiant Roadmap

How to Unlock Weapons

In XDefiant, weapons can be unlocked by completing challenges. For example, if you want to unlock the M16A4, you must get 50 headshot kills using assault rifles.

Furthermore, by using a particular weapon, players can level it up and unlock attachments. Each gun can hold five attachments at once, similar to Call of Duty.

Will New Weapons Be Added in XDefiant?

XDefiant will release guns every season, with three new weapons joining as soon as Season 1 begins. Over the course of the first year, 12 weapons will be added to the game, so there will be plenty to enjoy after launch.

We will continue to update this list as new weapons are added to the game. If you want to know about Factions or when the game will released, you can check out our Guide Hub here.