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When Does XDefiant Release?

XDefiant is a fast-paced free-to-play arena shooter from Ubisoft, set to be released this year, but a few delays have affected the game.

A successful open beta for the game was held in June 2023, generating a significant amount of excitement and hyping players up for the full release. As many are looking for new First Person Shooters to play, XDefiant is a viable option for those looking to play and stands out from its peers with its unique gameplay.

XDefiant Release Date and Platform Details

As of now, XDefiant does not have a confirmed release date. However, the game will launch before March 2024, according to the recent Ubisoft Q3 Sales Report. According to Mark Rubin, the game’s executive producer, the release date is uncertain for a good reason. The game must be approved by first-party companies before release, except this process is taking longer than originally anticipated.

The most recent update by Mark Rubin mentions that the team would spend the rest of 2023 working on the game and, when they return from holidays, be “getting everything ready to go live.” Fortunately, this seems to have gone to plan, and the game will be available soon.

XDefiant Player Shooting a Weapon to the Right

What is XDefiant?

Ubisoft is bringing its own identity to imprint on the first-person shooter world. Players choose to play as one of five factions within the Tom Clancy universe. These groups consist of the Libertad from the Far Cry series, Echelon from Splinter Cell, Cleaners from The Division, Phantoms from Ghost Recon, and Dedsec from Watch Dogs. Each faction has different abilities to use that will assist players in fighting other teams.

XDefiant is bringing familiar modes from other shooters, like Call of Duty, to the games. These include Escort, Zone Control, Domination, Occupy, and Hot Shot. Along with the five modes at launch, players will have 14 maps, 24 weapons, and over 44 attachments per weapon. With plenty of content for the game and a year-one roadmap already revealed, things are looking quite promising.

That’s everything you need to know about when XDefiant will launch. Make sure you check out our Guide Hub for more articles and news on the game.


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