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Upcoming Marvel Captain America-Black Panther Game Name Leaks

Finally, a new detail about the upcoming Untitled Marvel Black Panther-Captain America game has been announced, and it’s fortunately a new title.

“Untitled Captain America–Black Panther video game” is a bit of a mouthful. However, it seems like we won’t have to keep saying it any longer. Reliable leaker Kurakasis has revealed what the title of this upcoming Marvel game could be, and it’s gotten us very excited.

Captain America-Black Panther Game Name Leaks

The upcoming Marvel game by developer Skydance New Media is apparently called Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra. This is according to X, formerly Twitter, user Kurakasis. While we encourage all to take this with a grain of salt, it’s very likely to be real. Kurakasis has a good track record of reliable leaks. Previously, they have revealed accurate details of Bethesda’s upcoming Indiana Jones game as well as the Metro VR game.

But who exactly is Hydra? It is a paramilitary terrorist organization that started out thousands of years ago as a cult worshipping the Inhuman Hive. However, the version that most comic goers and fans of the Captain America films know it as was created as a scientific branch of the Nazi Schutzstaffel led by the malicious Johann Schmidt, aka Red Skull.

Of course, in 1943, which is when this upcoming Marvel game is known to be set, Hydra was at the height of its power. It is when Red Skull began using it to attempt to conquer the world. Players taking on the extremely powerful Hydra organization as both Captain America and Black Panther definitely sounds like an exciting prospect, albeit perhaps a little similar to the Captain America: First Avenger film.

Many players are upset with the potential title. They believe it misses on the potential of both Captain America and Black Panther’s brand. Some have suggested it should be called Marvel’s Black Panther or Marvel’s Captain America, much like the incredibly popular Marvel’s Spider-Man. However, while it may not include their names, Marvel 1943: Rise of Hyrda sells both the period and the primary antagonist and accurately explains what fans can expect from it.

What Is the Black Panther Captain America Game About?

The Black Panther and Captain America game will be set during World War 2. It focuses on Steve Rogers’ Captain America and Azzuri the Wise’s Black Panther, who is T’Challa’s grandfather, as they attempt to take down Hydra. Players will also be able to control the Howling Commando’s member, Gabriel Jones, and Nanli, a Wakandan spy.

The game will apparently be structured like a TV series. It’s likely that each character will have their own missions, with players switching between them. Additionally, while it will be a predominantly action-adventure game, developer Amy Hennig has stated that they’ve taken inspiration from VR titles, rhythm games, and even mobile games. You can check out the initial announcement trailer below.

Unfortuantely, not much else has been announced for it. It’s possible that it was announced a little too early. After all, fans have been clutching at straws to get any information, including the aforementioned title. It’s possible more will be announced later this year, maybe even during the Summer Game Fest. Until then, all we can do is wait and hope. Are you excited for this World War 2 Marvel game? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, check out our other Marvel-related content.

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