New Overwatch-like Marvel Game to Be Revealed Tomorrow

Tomorrow, an upcoming untitled Marvel game that features multiplayer gameplay similar to Overwatch is being announced.

After the recent announcement of Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra, Marvel has been giving fans much to look forward to. Now, another upcoming Marvel game will be announced in the next 24 hours, and those who like hero shooters, such as Overwatch and Valorant, will be curious to see what this new game will be about.

What To Expect from the New Marvel Game

According to X (Formally Twitter), known leaker Kurakasis reveals that players can expect to be transported into an Overwatch-like game featuring Marvel elements, such as playing as some of their favorite known and lesser-known heroes, a 6v6 Overwatch-like third-person shooter experience, environmental destruction, Escort and King of the Hill modes, and maps, one including Odin’s vault. Although Kurakasis is a known leaker, none of this will be officially confirmed until the announcement within the next 24 hours. However, this does give us a good idea of what the game could potentially include.

This new title has been allegedly created by NetEase, which in the past has created a couple of Marvel games, such as Marvel Super War and Marvel Duel, both for mobile. Although NetEase has only created mobile games for Marvel, this soon-to-be-revealed game is speculated to feature on PC and consoles as well as mobile. However, we will not know for sure until the reveal goes live.

Marvel Rivils game Leaked Heroes
Source: X

In a post on X (Formally Twitter), Marvel Games shared, “An evil experiment has caused a unique disruption in the timestream. Who will be pulled into this epic showdown?” This also included art with a handful of Marvel hero’s silhouettes getting ready to fight. This post only solidifies the speculation that this upcoming game will be a multiplayer experience.

When Is the Announcement for the New Marvel Game?

The full reveal for the upcoming Marvel game is scheduled for Wednesday, March 27, 2024, at 8 am PDT / 11 am EDT / 4 pm BST / 2 am AEST (March 28). Players can expect to uncover much information when the announcement goes live in just under 12 hours.