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Rise of the Ronin: Should you Spare Naosuke Ii

Players will need to make a big choice at the end of the first chapter in Rise of the Ronin: spare or kill Naosuke Ii. Here are the consequences for both options.

Rise of the Ronin has several intense moments in which you’ll need to make a huge choice. These can affect anything from individual quests to the game’s finale. The first choice you’ll need to make is whether to spare Naosuke Ii. Fortunately, your choice doesn’t matter too much, so if you’re regretting your decision, don’t worry. However, there are a few differences between each one.

Should You Spare or Kill Naosuke Ii in Rise of the Ronin?

You should spare Naosuke Ii in Rise of the Ronin. While it doesn’t make a significant difference, sparing him does result in the best outcome. Whether you choose to kill him or spare him, he will die, and you’ll never see him again. Below, we’ll break down exactly what happens with each choice.

If you spare Naosuke Ii, the Blue Demon (Akikatsu Manabe) will assist you as an ally in a bond mission called The Watchman in Chapter 3. However, Naosuke Ii is still killed by your Blade Twin. So, he will die regardless of your initial choice. Of course, that does make the choice a little pointless, but sparing him unlocks The Watchman mission later on and allows you to build a bond with Akikatsu Manabe.

The option to spare or kill Naosuke Ii in Rise of the Ronin

What Happens If You Kill Naosuke Ii

If you choose to kill Naosuke Ii, he will die. In Chapter 2, a few characters will mention the fact that you killed him, but it won’t affect your standing as either pro or anti-Shogunate. You’ll still be able to switch sides if you want.

So, while there isn’t much consequence for killing him, it’s clear why it’s the worst option overall. Of course, you can use the Testament of the Soul in the Longhouse to pick the other option. You’ll just need to select The Sakurada Gate Incident mission and replay it. However, if you only care about the story, it’s not really worth it, as the choice ultimately doesn’t affect the final outcome of the game, nor the narrative as a whole. That’s everything you need to know about sparing or killing Naosuke Ii in Rise of the Ronin. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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