Crash Bandicoot Toys for Bob

Toys for Bob is Ditching Activision and Going Indie

The much-loved studio Toys for Bob has decided to part with Activision and go back to its small indie studio roots, and here’s everything you need to know.

Known for their lovable and family-friendly titles, such as Skylanders, Spyro, and Crash Bandicoot, Toys for Bob has made the exciting decision to spin off as indie. The developer is returning to its small studio roots and wants to elevate their upcoming titles to new heights alongside Microsoft.

What Can We Expect from Toys for Bob?

Fans of Toys for Bob can expect the studio to bring their future games to the next level and a much higher standard. Part of this is the possible partnership between their new studio and Microsoft. Activision has also been supporting Toys for Bob alongside Microsoft during this time. However, there has not been any mention of the possible collaboration between Toys for Bob and Activision, but rather working closely together in the future.

While Toys for Bob is only in the early stages of developing their next game, their team can’t help but be excited to create new stories, characters, and gameplay for players to enjoy and experience in the future. This means players should keep their eyes out for what’s to come in the future from the much-loved studio.

Image Credit – Toys for Bob

Throughout the years, Toys for Bob has launched fantastic games and technology that bring out the inner child of players all over the world—allowing people to connect together over the many franchises they have created. There is a chance that Toys for Bob could be referencing a new Spyro or Skylander experience in their blog announcement by mentioning that players should “keep their horns on.” However, regardless of what they are beginning to develop, fans can be excited for an enjoyable future due to Toys for Bob’s new indie direction.