The Ubisoft Forward Showcase Has Been Officially Confirmed for June

June 2024 is shaping up to be the month for gaming fans, as alongside the annual Summer Game Fest, fans are getting a Ubisoft Forward Showcase.

June is absolutely the new month for video games. It is jam-packed with exciting events such as the Summer Game Fest and Xbox Showcase. These typically show off everything fans can look forward to as well as expand on already announced titles. However, while June 2024 was already looking busy, players can now look forward to another full day of exciting announcements, as Ubisoft has confirmed that a Ubisoft Forward Showcase is happening in June.

When Is Ubisoft Forward?

Ubisoft Forward is scheduled to go live from Los Angeles on June 10, 2024. It will likely air at 11 am PDT/2 pm EDT/7 pm BST/4 am AEST (June 11). This is based on when the event aired last year and not on official information. Ubisoft has yet to announce the official times. However, it will likely take place around this time.

Ubisoft will likely release the official Ubisoft Forward event times closer to June 10. So, for now, fans will just have to wait. Fortunately, that gives us plenty of time to speculate on what games could appear at the event, as Ubisoft has a number of exciting titles up its sleeve.

Star Wars Outlaws Ubisoft Forward
Star Wars Outlaws

What Will Be Announced at Ubisoft Forward?

It is very likely that we will see the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws featured at the June Ubisoft Forward Showcase, as it currently has a 2024 release window. We suspect that a full gameplay trailer and release date will be revealed, much like Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora got at the 2023 Ubisoft Forward Showcase. Assassin’s Creed Red is also likely to be shown off along with XDefiant. Both of these games have been officially announced, and playtested by fans in the case of XDefiant. So, it would be strange not to see them appear in some capacity at the Ubisoft Forward Showcase.

Players could also see more information on the upcoming mobile game Assassin’s Creed Jade. However, it’s uncertain if it will be included due to recent delays. It’s also possible we’ll see the rumored Prince of Persia Roguelite from the developer of Dead Cells. Of course, there’s also potential for a number of unannounced titles that could be unveiled. The anticipation is killing us!

Players will have much to look forward to at this year’s Ubisoft Forward in June, as last year’s Showcase was full of content. If this year’s Ubisoft Forward is similar to last year’s, fans can prepare for surprise reveals and more information on their favorite anticipated games from Ubisoft.