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Upcoming Landlord Simulator, The Tenants, Receives A Free Trial Today

Developers Ancient Forge Studio and publisher Frozen District have announced a brand-new free trial for their upcoming “landlord simulator,” The Tenants.

The Tenants is an upcoming simulation game centered around being a landlord. It’s currently not out yet but has a tentative Q1 2021 release date. In order to get players accustomed to their upcoming titles, The Tenants developers have put together a generous free trial.

Creative Director at Ancient Forge Studio, Dushan Chaciej, talked about how they want players to see the substantial progress they’ve made and how close the game is to finally launching: “We’ve finally entered the development phase where we can focus our attention solely on tweaking the balance, polishing up various mechanics, and hunting down the last few pesky bugs. […] We’re extremely excited that our community will finally be able to see what we’ve been brewing over the last two years.”

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Image Credit – Ancient Forge Studio

What Is Included In The Tenants’ Free Trial?

The free trial will be a standalone product and will feature some of the things you can expect to see in the full release. It’s just laying the foundations for the much larger project! If you’re a fan of problem-solving or even The Sims, which this doesn’t look too dissimilar from, then you’ll absolutely want to check out the free trial. But what exactly is included? Well, I’ve put together a nice list of everything you can experience in the free trial:

  • A prologue story that will introduce the player to the game’s main features
  • Explore the first district featured in the main title – The Slums
  • Meet the first four archetypes of tenants
  • Experience both the game’s job and babysitting system
  • Rent apartments and ensure your tenants are as happy as can be
  • Renovate, innovate, and rehabilitate flats and apartments
The Tenants - Rennovation
Image Credit – Ancient Forge Studio

Release Date & Price

The Tenants’ free trial launches today and is entirely free (obviously)! You can head on over to its dedicated Steam store page to download it. You should also head on over to The Tenants’ Steam page and wishlist it to get updated when it launches in Early Access sometime soon!

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