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Unique Strategy Game, Guild Of Ascension, Launches On PC This Summer

Guild of Ascension is a brand-new strategy game developed by WhileOne Productions and published by PID Publishing, and is launching on PC this Summer.

Guild of Ascension seeks to switch up the strategy genre with its real-time action combo system. As you proceed up the tower, battling monsters, befriending critters, learning skills, crafting weapons, and ultimately coming up against some colossal bosses, you’ll have to think tactically about each and every move you make. But don’t think for too long as Guild of Ascension only grants you a few seconds to plan out your moves before the enemy can attack again! So be careful as you ascend the tower, as time is not on your side!

Guild of Ascension - Gameplay
Image Credit – WhileOne Productions

When you’re not fighting and tackling some scary looking bosses, you’ll get the chance to talk to some colourful characters and craft new weapons! Money that you earn from questing can be put back into your guild, so Guild of Ascension will offer players a nice feedback loop.

If you’re interested in Guild of Ascension then look no further, as it will be featured during the Steam Festival starting today (February 3rd!). You’ll be able to watch a presentation stream and will be able to get your hands on a playable demo that’s accessible throughout the festival! So, what are you waiting for, go give it a whirl and if you like it, consider wishlisting it on Steam.

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