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The Finals Season 1: The Best Weapons & All Guns Ranked

The Finals: Season 1 has a wide range of weapons spread across 3 distinct classes, Light, Medium and Heavy. However, only a handful of them are truly the best.

No matter which class you pick in The Finals, you’ll have access to some truly amazing weapons. However, knowing which ones are worth sinking your time into or even unlocking is important. Fortunately, below, we’ve broken down exactly which of the weapons are worth using in The Finals, and which can truly be considered the best.

What Are the Best Weapons in The Finals: Season 1?

There are 5 weapons that can be considered the best in The Finals: Season 1, ranging from the surprisingly powerful V9S pistol to the brutally powerful SA1216 shotgun. Below, we explain why each of these guns in the best in The Finals:

5. XP-54 (Light)

The XP-54 is a rapid-fire SMG that belongs to the Light class. Much like the MP5 found in games such as Call of Duty, the XP-54 excells in close combat. It’s fast TTK coupled with the Light class’ increased mobility makes it one of the quickest ways of dispatching your enemies in The Finals.

The XP-54 in The Finals

4. SA1216 (Heavy)

The SA1216 is a semi-automatic shotgun found in the Heavy class. It’s four barrels allow you to pop off multiple shots, ensuring you can take down a target at close range almost instantly. Additionally, its 16 shell mag means you can hold your own for quite some time before needing to reload. It’s an incredibly powerful shotgun, and a viable option for players looking to get up close and personal.

The SA1216 in The Finals

3. AKM (Medium)

The AKM is an assault rifle belonging to the Medium class. While it may look like a standard AK-47, the AKM has a deadly damage output and high accuracy, making it effective at both medium and long range. Although it has a little too much recoil for some, once you get used to it this is a reliable and powerful rifle capable of dominating matches.

The AKM in The Finals

2. SR-84 (Light)

The SR-84 is an extremely powerful sniper rifle that can be found in the Light class. This rifle has an extremely quick ADS time, making it perfect for taking down long-range targets in the blink of an eye. While it requires a little getting used to, the SR-84 is by far one of the best guns in The Finals and perfect for those looking for a lot of range.

The SR-84 in The Finals

1. V9S (Light)

The V9S is a pistol that can be found in the Light Class. While it may not look like much, this suppressed weapon has an incredible fire rate, range and damage output that makes it the best gun in the game. It’s perfect for both close and medium range, with its semi-auto fire rate essentially turning it into an SMG.

The V9S in The Finals

Every Weapon in The Finals Ranked

There are currently 20 weapons in The Finals: Season 1, with most of them being servicable and a handful being truly excellent. The weapons in The Finals range from riot shields to shotguns, and below we’ve ranked each one in descending order so you know which are worth using:

  1. Riot Shield
  2. MGL32
  3. FCAR
  4. CL-40
  5. Sword
  6. Dagger
  7. SH1900
  8. Flamethrower
  9. Lewis Gun
  10. M60
  11. LH1
  12. M11
  13. Sledgehammer
  14. Model 1887
  15. R. 357
  16. XP-54
  17. SA1216
  18. AKM
  19. SR-84
  20. V9S

Of course, your experience with these guns in Season 1 may differ, but it’s still worth trying them all out. In the meantime, make sure to check out our Games Hub for more guides on The Finals.

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