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How to Fix TFGE0002 Error Code in The Finals

Error code TFGE0002 takes the fun out of the chaotic glory in The Finals, but we have the remedy to get you back in the fight in no time.

The Finals have seen players level entire blocks to steal and bank cash for their team. However, it’s a little tough when your game freezes, and you’re booted back to the lobby. That results from the infamous TFGE0002 Error some are receiving while playing The Finals. Fortunately, those wanting to hop back in for more destructive sessions can use our guide below on how to fix the problem.

How to Fix TFGE0002 Error Code in The Finals

There are a few methods to fix the TFGE0002 Error in The Finals; the simplest way is to close the game fully and reopen it. Additionally, these are some options to try in case the error continues to persist:

  • Clear the cache or database on your platform of choice.
    • Clearing the cache does not delete all of your files. Rather, it clears out temporary stuff. Doing so may clean up any corrupted files that could cause TFGE0002.
  • Uninstall The Finals game application from your platform and reinstall it.
    • Although unorthodox, reinstalling the game may help clear the cache and correct the error.
  • Restart your internet connection.
    • Something as simple as checking to ensure you are connected to your internet provider and rebooting your connection may be a workaround to The Finals TFGE0002 error code.
  • [LAST RESORT] Unlink your Embark account from your platform’s account and relink it again.
    • Be aware that using this method will cause all progress in The Finals (unlockables, cosmetics, etc) to be lost. Only use as a last resort.
TFGE0002 The Finals Error
The Finals TFGE0002 Error (Image Credit – Reddit)

Unfortunately, there are no sure-fire ways to eliminate the TFGE0002 error in The Finals besides the above processes until Embark Studios puts a hotfix out to correct this issue. Furthermore, if you wish to be more cautious, it is best to wait for the developers’ hotfix if the error persists.

As you wait for the patch for Embark Studios, refer to our Game Hub for more information and guides on The Finals.