The Dead Space 2 Remake Has Unfortunately Been Put On Hold, According to Reports

Those looking forward to a Dead Space 2 Remake are out of luck, as recent reports highlight the franchise has been put on hold.

The Dead Space series has an abundance of loyal fans who enjoy the it in its entirety. Since the Dead Space Remake launched last year, players have been curious to see if there will be a remake of the second game from 2011. Unfortunately, eager fans waiting for the next Remake will need to continue to be patient. EA has decided to put the franchise on hold for the foreseeable future.

Why Has the Dead Space 2 Remake Been Canceled?

A Dead Space 2 Remake was never officially announced. However, according to recent reports from Jeff Grubb on the Game Mess Mornings podcast, EA was in the concept phase of a Dead Space 2 Remake before pausing production. Grubb also commented that it was put on hold due to the previous game’s lackluster sales.

The Dead Space Remake was a highly-rated game in 2023. Surprisingly, sales never met EA’s expectations despite the amount of praise the game received from the community.

EA Responds to Dead Space 2 Remake And Rumors

However, EA responded to the rumors directly to IGN. They denied the game was even in production before coming to a halt. They stated, “We don’t normally comment on rumors, but there is no validity to this story.” IGN also went on to say that “EA Motive never considered a Dead Space 2 remake.”. After this information came to light, Grubb made a statement on X (formerly Twitter):

“I give you my permission to believe EA if you want, but whenever a company says “that isn’t true” but they don’t specify which part of the story they are talking about, well … yeah. Dead Space 2 was definitely being planned. It had a code name. And they aren’t making it now.” Jason Schreier also mentioned in his report that although the information about a Dead Space 2 Remake being canceled has only come to light this week, Dead Space was halted as early as last spring.

Image Credit – Motive

Although there has been a lot of commotion about whether a Dead Space 2 Remake was in production, fans should ultimately not get their hopes up. EA Motive is currently focused on creating the announced Iron Man game and a new Battlefield. This decision leaves no room for Dead Space. In the future, EA Motive may change its mind, and fans may finally experience the desired Dead Space 2 Remake. However, for now, fans of the series will need to wait patiently.

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