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Spirited Away Meets Earthbound in Dreamed Away, Free Demo Out Now

Publisher Pineapple Works and developer Nicolas Petton are happy to announce that a new demo is available for their upcoming game, Dreamed Away.

Pineapple Works, the publisher of Dreamed Away, specialises in indie games of various genres and styles, including popular titles such as Death and Taxes, Legends of Amberland, and Charge Kid. Meanwhile, Nicolas Petton, the developer of the upcoming game, is a software engineer by day, game developer, and music composer by night, who started developing his game in January 2022 and gained a significant following on Twitter.

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What is Dreamed Away?

Dreamed Away is an emotionally charged 2D action-adventure RPG, taking place in 90s France. As Théo, a lost boy in a mysterious and dark world, you must navigate through various challenges to find your missing sister. This game delves into the powerful bond between siblings, the fear of death, and the questioning of reality. With its immersive storytelling, diverse and vibrant settings, and detailed pixel art, it aims to provide players with a unique perspective on the action-adventure RPG genre.

However, Dreamed Away is not just a game – it is a profound reflection of the developer’s personal story. Born alongside his second child, the game’s world is crafted around Théo’s bond with his sister Louise, and his unwavering determination to reunite with her. The cozy little village in Brittany serves as the backdrop for this tale, initially presenting as a safe and serene haven. However, as darkness encroaches, the atmosphere becomes increasingly unsettling and ominous.

You can expect the game to offer the following:

  • A cozy and safe atmosphere mixed with an unsettling and dark mood full of doubts
  • Dive deep into Theo’s fears while exploring the game’s story and world
  • An alternative way to battle with pre-equip varied abilities that can affect the stats of the player or enemy and/or impact gameplay. Each ability has a side-effect
  • Engaging turn-based combat system with real-time enemy attacks

Release Date and Demo

Dreamed Away is an upcoming game by solo developer Nicolas Petton and publisher Pineapple Works. The game currently doesn’t have a solid release date locked in. Although, it is currently planned for a Q1 2024 release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One/Series S/X and PC via Steam.

Fortunately, if you can’t wait to play the game, there is a demo available on Steam now. The team also appreciates feedback, so make sure you join the official Discord server to help out with the game’s development or join in with the discussion.

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