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Upcoming Martial Arts Game Sifu Announced At State Of Play

Sifu, a brand new martial arts game from Absolver developer Slocap, was announced at today’s State of Play, with narrative and gameplay details unveiled!

Sifu is a unique rogue-like game centred around Kung-Fu combat. Players will take on the role of a young Kung-Fu student who after his family is murdered, sets on a quest to hunt down their assassins! Sifu looks a little like if someone made a video game of The Raid and that corridor scene from Oldboy. It also has some other unique mechanics in it, such as an ageing mechanic every time you die!

Sifu -Gameplay
Image Credit – Slocap

What Was Announced?

The trailer for Sifu didn’t give a whole lot away, but it was very intriguing! It set the scene perfectly, displaying a world full of crime and punishment, one that can be used to your advantage when it comes to combat. We got to see some of the hand-to-hand combat in action, and frankly, it looks brutal! Here’s a list of everything that was announced for the upcoming game Sifu:

  • Brutal hand-to-hand combat system based on Kung-Fu techniques
  • A narrative all about avenging your family and hunting down their murderers
  • Use a magical pendant to revive yourself whenever you die. But do so at a cost, as every time you die you respawn a lot older!
  • Time-based mechanics that presumably affect combat
  • The older you get the closer you get to game over
  • Use everything at your disposal including the environment itself, throwable objects, makeshift weapons, windows and ledges
  • Unlock unique skills to help you in taking down mysterious assassins
  • An immersive single-player experience
  • Coming to the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 some time this year
  • More information coming in the ensuing weeks
Sifu - Combat
Image Credit – Slocap

I’m actually quite hyped for this title. It looks unique enough, and a fresh take on the rogue-like genre, that I’ll definitely pick it up when it launches. Are you excited for Sifu? Let us know down in the comments below!

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