Grounded, Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, and Sea of Thieves Xbox exclusives coming to PS5

Four Xbox-Exclusive Games Are Coming To PS5

Console exclusives may one day be a distant memory, with Microsoft confirming they’re bringing four Xbox-exclusive titles over to PS5.

A recent business update on the Xbox Wire podcast with Sarah Bond, Matt Booty, and Phil Spencer has given us a great insight into the future plans at Microsoft, with numerous hints at what is to come for Xbox and its console exclusives.

What Xbox-Exclusive Games are Coming to PS5?

Grounded, Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, and Sea of Thieves are the frontrunners regarding speculation within the community. During the podcast, Phil Spencer refused to name any titles specifically, stating, “I’m not going to name those games. The teams that are building those games have announced plans that are not too far away. As we know, game teams put a lot of energy into their announcements with the partners.”

However, there were two big hints that led the community to put these games forward as the most likely to be ported to the PS5. Spencer mentioned, “Two of the games are kind of, community-driven games that will end up on other platforms and give us the ability to continue to invest in them. Two of the other games are smaller games that were never really meant to be built as kind of platform exclusives.”

Spencer went on to specifically mention that Starfield and Indiana Jones and The Great Circle will definitely not be included among those four but has previously said that he would never rule any games out as possible porting options to other consoles.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle - Indy Shot
Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is an Xbox-exclusive title

Will More Xbox Exclusives Be Coming to PS5?

It seems likely, but ultimately depends on the success of these four titles. The Microsoft team is assessing their performance to see if bringing more games to other consoles will be financially viable: “We want to see what happens because going and doing the development work to bring them to new platforms is real work. We want to make sure that the return makes sense.”

Microsoft wants to be completely sure that the audience is hungry for these titles to come to their favorite consoles before committing to bringing across more. However, they stood firm in their backing for exclusivity on new release titles, ensuring that they’ll always be available from day one on Xbox Game Pass and that the pass will always be found on the Xbox.

While it is certainly the hope for gamers everywhere that platform exclusivities end, this may sadly still be quite a distance away. For now, though, all players can do is support the games when they release on PS5 and hope the Microsoft overlords are happy with the numbers.

That’s everything you need to know on the Xbox-exclusive titles coming to PS5; for more guides and news updates, check out our guide hub.