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Roguelike Poker Game Balatro Raises to One Million Copies Sold

The smash hit indie roguelike poker game, Balatro has sold over one million copies as of today, marking a significant milestone for the mostly solo-developed game.

To anyone who has played Balatro since its launch, it may come as no surprise that it has sold so well. The critically acclaimed indie darling has done incredibly well since launch and only continues to grow. It’s always great to see the hard work of indie developers pay off so well, and Balatro is no exception.

Indie Hit Balatro Sells One Million Copies

Balatro has officially sold over one million copies across all platforms. It was announced via the game’s official X account, marking a huge milestone for the indie title. It’s not quite surprising that Balatro has sold so well, especially considering it sold 500,000 copies in just 10 days. While being delisted from storefronts due to a controversy may have slowed its sales down a little, it has clearly come back stronger than ever.

In fact, it’s bound to sell even better as time goes on thanks to its mobile ports coming soon. The post on X marking its one-millionth sale also teases more things to come, although it leaves it at that. Fans might be left to speculate a little on what might be added in a future update, but it’s clear that it will continue to be supported for a long time to come.

It appears to be the season for surprise hits, with the likes of Lethal Company and Helldivers 2 taking off at the beginning of the year. Balatro is just another in a long line for game-of-the-year contenders, thanks to its incredibly engrossing gameplay loop. Word of mouth has definitely sold this one well to other players, as well as its multi-platform release.

Is Balatro on your game-of-the-year list? Or are you still yet to try this one out? Perhaps you can be the million-and-oneth sale! Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our Guide Hub for all things Balatro.

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