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GTA Online Weekly Details: April 11-17

GTA Online refreshes weekly bonuses on events and several discounts for players to take advantage of. Here is everything for April 11-17.

The weekly updates in GTA Online allow players to earn bonus GTA$ and RP in various highlighted modes or free mode offerings. Furthermore, players can pick up in-game vehicles, clothes, and more at a discount price. The offerings are provided weekly, so players should be sure to participate in them while they can. Below are the bonuses and discounts available for players in GTA Online for the weekly refresh of April 11-17.

Bonus GTA$ Opportunites This Week

  • Complete any Business Sell Mission (Receive bonus GTA$ – 100,000)
  • Martin Madrazo Contact Missions (x2 GTA$ and x4 RP)
  • Collection Time (x2 GTA$ and RP)
  • Special Cargo Sell Missions (x2 GTA$ and RP)
  • Export Mixed Goods Missions (x2 GTA$ and RP)
  • Sell GTA$ – 500,000 worth of Business products to receive an extra GTA$ – 100,000 Weekly Challenge)
  • Pegassi Infernus Classic, Vapid Dominator GTT, Dinka Sugoi (Salvage Yard Robberies)

GTA Online Weekly Discounts

  • Combat PDW (50% Off, discount available at Gun Van for GTA+ members only)
  • Buckingham SuperVolito (40% Off)
  • Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon (40% Off)
  • Up-n-Atomizer (30% Off, discount available at Gun Van)
  • Executive Offices plus Upgrades and Mods (30% Off)
  • Buckingham Luxor (30% Off)
  • Dinka Jester Classic (30% Off)
  • Grotti Itali GTO (30% Off)
  • Übermacht Revolter (30% Off)
GTA Online Warehouse screen
Image Credit – Rockstar Games

Weekly Cars Available to Purchase in GTA Online

Simeon’s Showroom

  • Dewbauchee Seven-70 (GTA$ – 695,000)
    • * Unavailable again after this week
  • Enus Cognoscenti (GTA$ – 254,000)
    • * Unavailable again after this week
  • Übermacht Revolter (GTA$ – 1,610,000/Discount – 1,127,000)
    • * Unavailable again after this week
  • Vapid Clique (GTA$ – 909,000)
    • * Unavailable again after this week
  • Vapid Hustler (GTA$ – 625,000)
    • * Unavailable again after this week

Luxury Autos Showroom

  • Karin Vivanite (GTA$ – 1,605,000)
  • Vapid Dominator GT (GTA$ – 2,195,000)

Hao’s Time Trial Ride

  • Maibatsu MonstroCiti (GTA$ – 1,485,000/2,594,000 with HSW Conversion)

Diamond Casino Podium Vehicle

  • Lampadati Corsita (GTA$ – 1,795,000)
Lampadati Corsita GTA Online
Lampadati Corsita, Image Credit – Rockstar Games

GTA Online – LS Car Meet

Prize Ride Challenge

  • Place Top 5 in the LS Car Meet Series for two consecutive days.
    • Prize: Grotti Bestia GTS

Car Meet Test Rides

  • Dinka Jester Classic (GTA$ – 790,000/Discount – 553,000)
  • Grotti Itali GTO (GTA$ – 1,965,000/Discount – 1,375,500)
  • Progen Itali GTB (GTA$ – 1,189,000)

GTA+ Membership Benefits for GTA Online

  • Progen Itali GTB (Free)
  • Oil Slick Pearl Chameleon Paint (Free)
  • Magenta-Yellow Flip Chameleon Wheel Paint (Free)
  • Fooligan Tee and Vest (Free)
  • Black LS Cap and Coil Cyclone Tee (Free)
  • Biker Clubhouses and Business (50% Off)
  • Operation Paper Trail Missions (x2 GTA$ and RP)
  • MC Clubhouse Work, Challenges, and Contracts (x2 GTA$ and RP)
  • Boosted Business Production Speed (50%)
  • Bonus GTA$ – 1,000,000 from April to August
  • Gun Van location (Always on the map)
  • Taxi Services (Free)
  • CEO/VIP Abilities (Free)
  • GTA$ ($500,000)
  • Vinewood Club Garage Access with over 100 vehicle storage space
  • Vinewood Car Club with the following vehicles to test drive and purchase with an exclusive discount:
    • Progen Itali GTB
    • Shitzu Hakuchou Drag
    • Truffade Z-Type
    • Nagasaki Shinobi
    • Vapid Dominator GT
    • Annis Remus
    • Benefactor SM722
    • Imponte Deluxo
    • Ocelot Stromberg
    • Principe Deveste Eight

That is everything available for players in the GTA Online weekly refresh of April 11-17. If you found this guide to be helpful and want to see more, be sure to head to our Guide Hub.


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