Rise of the Ronin Combat Katana Fight

Rise of the Ronin Combat Revealed in the Latest Trailer

The developers at Team Ninja have just revealed how combat will work in their upcoming highly anticipated game Rise of the Ronin.

With information on the upcoming samurai title only being drip-fed to the public until now, players have just been treated to an in-depth look into the deep combat system in Rise of the Ronin.

Rise of the Ronin Combat Details

Rise of the Ronin’s combat is all about Ki management, otherwise known as a character’s life force. It strikes a balance between offense and defense, where players must combine aggressive melee attacks with timely parries and dodges to drain their enemies’ Ki. Fully depleting their Ki will leave them stunned, leaving a perfect opportunity for players to deal big damage.

Players will be offered a wide array of weapons, such as katanas, dual blades, great swords, and sabers. Plenty of ranged weapon options are also available, notably being, pistols, bows, and fire pipes that blow powerful flames across groups of enemies. Rise of the Ronin encourages experimentation with multiple combinations of weapons, opening the door for some incredibly enjoyable combat build crafting.

Rise of the Ronin Combat Styles
In-game Screenshot

Rise of the Ronin Combat Styles Explained

Rise of the Ronin distinguishes itself with a deep emphasis on learning and mastering the three combat styles: Ten (Sky), Chi (Earth), and Jin (Human). Doing so will give you the upper hand in battle, as using the correct style at the right time to counter specific weapon types results in a large knock-back effect on the enemy.

This complex system develops even further with a multitude of martial arts within the three combat styles to specialize in. The developers have given details on how some of these will work. Here are all the details on the Mumyo, Hokushin Itto, and Yagyu Shinkage combat styles in Rise of the Ronin.

Mumyo Style

The Mumyo Style is a versatile martial art from the Kurosu Clan, created by an unknown master. Practitioners of this style, known as the Veiled Edge, are understood to battle in pairs.

Hokushin Itto Style

Hokushin Itto Style, established by Shusaku Chiba in the 19th century, prioritizes overwhelming opponents with rapid attacks. Mastery of their techniques is rational, coming through vigorous training with attacker and defender. This combat style is characterized by its direct and powerful strikes, focusing on simplicity and effectiveness over complex movements.

Yagyu Shinkage Style

The military instructor of the Tokugawa clan, Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun founded the Yagyu Shinkage Style. Adopted by shoguns and their samurai, this combat style is known for its emphasis on strategy over brute strength, focusing on the mental aspects of combat as much as the physical.

Counterspark and Martial Skills in Rise of the Ronin

In Rise of The Ronin, overcoming formidable enemies requires strategic use of Counterspark and Martial Skills in combat. Counterspark allows players to effectively parry enemy attacks by executing a wide arc rotation with their melee weapon.

This not only deflects the enemy’s assault but also lowers their Ki. The Counterspark mechanic emphasizes timing and precision, encouraging players to wait for the opportune moment to turn the tide of battle.

Martial Skills serve as a powerful complement to basic combat, delivering significantly more damage to opponents. These skills are especially effective against stronger enemies, providing players with a means of breaking through defenses that might otherwise be impervious to standard attacks.

The implementation of Martial Skills into combat introduces an additional layer of tactical depth, as players must manage their own Ki. If expended, you’ll be unable to attack, defend, or run, leaving yourself vulnerable to big damage.

If you weren’t already hyped for Rise of the Ronin, then this in depth combat update from the developers at Team Ninja, will be sure to have you dying to get your hands on a katana as soon as possible. That’s all the information we have for now though, for everything else, head on over to our Guide Hub. You can also check out the Rise of the Ronin World trailer here.