Once Human Closed Beta Test and Mobile Version

Once Human Announces March Beta Test & Mobile Version

The SCP-inspired open-world survival game Once Human has revealed a Beta Test with a new multiplayer trailer and mobile version.

Once Human is an SCP-inspired multiplayer open-world survival game where players must band together and utilize firearms and supernatural abilities; this is required to survive and obliterate the powerful creatures against them. Players will need to unite survivors as humanity is threatened, all while rebuilding territory and discovering the hidden mysteries of the enemy. If you’re curious to know more, we’ve got you covered. Below, we discuss what is included in Once Human’s new Beta announcement.

What Is Included in the New Once Human Beta Announcement?

Many new additions are included in Once Human’s latest gameplay trailer, including the much-anticipated multiplayer gameplay, new features, monsters, and area for the upcoming Beta release on March 28, 2024, for PC and Mobile players. The trailer showcases different types of multiplayer survival adventures and exciting features in Once Human’s world, which players can experience together soon. This includes defending territory together against anomalies and boarding long-legged buses to uncover treasures. Below, you can view the official multiplayer trailer for Once Human.

Players can expect a pool of dynamic and innovative gameplay in Once Human’s Beta, such as a brand-new PVP season that will make its debut in the upcoming beta test. New terrifying bosses are expected to be seen, including the drill-headed enemy shown in the trailer. Once Human also allows players to explore Eternaland, which is a new area where players will have the creative freedom to create various buildings, explore territories, and solve puzzles.

Once Human – Official Multiplayer Trailer

How to Join the Upcoming Beta

To join the upcoming Beta for Once Human, players will need to sign up on the official website. The Beta test will commence on March 28, 2024, and the mobile registration is currently ongoing. However, pre-registration for PC users will be available to eager players soon. Once Human currently has a joinable Discord and is available to Wishlist on Steam if you’d like to stay updated on the SCP-inspired game.

That’s everything you need to know about the announcement for the Once Human March Beta Test and Mobile Version. If you’d like to find more information like this about Once Human, feel free to check out our Guide Hub.