Pikachu Ph.D Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: How to Catch Pikachu Ph.D.

Pikachu Ph.D. is now available in Pokemon Go as part of a specific reward revolving around PokeStops. Here is all the information you need to catch one for yourself.

There have been plenty of different costumed variations of Pikachu since the launch of Pokemon Go, including Libre Pikachu and Party Top Hat Pikachu. However, it doesn’t look like the developers are stopping with new Pikachu cosplay variations and have decided to add another. Below, we outline all the details you need to catch Pikachu Ph.D. in Pokemon Go.

How to Get Pikachu Ph.D. in Pokemon Go

Pikachu Ph.D. is available as an exclusive reward for 100 first-place PokeStop Showcase finishes. While this seems a steep feat, Niantic has made this Pikachu wear more than just one item. Pikachu Ph.D. is dressed in a stylish combination of a hat, glasses, and coat. Moreover, you’ll also earn additional rewards on your journey to obtaining the special Pikachu.

Pikachu Ph.D. in Pokemon Go
Pikachu Ph.D. and Avatar Items in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: Pokestop Showcase Full Rewards

Here are all the rewards for winning in the Pokemon Go: Pokestop Showcases:

  • Bronze medal (10 Wins): Pikachu, Ph.D. Headband
  • Silver medal (25 Wins): Pikachu, Ph.D. Glasses
  • Gold medal (50 Wins): Pikachu, Ph.D. Pose
  • Platinum medal (100 Wins): Encounter with Pikachu, Ph.D.

There are also additional updates coming to Pokestop Showcases. Trainers can discover local PokeStop Showcases in the Nearby menu next to the Pokemon, Raid, and Route tabs. Furthermore, there will also be showcases open to types of Pokemon. For example, some showcases might allow you to submit any Water-type Pokemon instead of a specific Pokemon.

That’s everything you need to know about getting Pikachu, Ph.D. in Pokemon Go. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.