PlayStation 5 is Getting a New User Interface

A recent leak has unveiled that PlayStation 5 players are on the verge of experiencing a new and improved User Interface very soon.

Leaked through a revealing video by YouTuber Mystic, it appears there will soon be the release of a revamped PlayStation 5 User Interface (UI) that promises to bring a range of exciting new features and improvements. The YouTube sneak peek sparked excitement and frustration among peers, as it brought back some features from the previous PlayStation 4 console and introduced some new features. However, some limitations and also anticipated features still missing from previous consoles have mixed feedback.

New PlayStation 5 UI – Image Credit – Mystic YouTube

What features are in the new PlayStation 5 User Interface?

The new PlayStation 5 User Interface update brings several exciting features, enhancing the user experience with both aesthetic and functional improvements. Players now have the capability to personalize their experience more than before, with the option to change the background image, adding a personal touch to their console’s visual appeal. The Explore page now enriches player experiences with useful information, such as displaying trophies, console storage details, and the battery life of controllers and headsets, which makes it easier for users to manage their gaming sessions.

One of the standout features is the focus on social connectivity. The PlayStation 5 User Interface reintroduces the feature that lets users see trophies their friends have earned, fondly remembered from the PlayStation 4 era. This reintroduction is part of a broader effort to revive the community feel of the PlayStation network, allowing players to feel more connected to their friends’ gaming achievements and activities. The “What’s New” tab, reminiscent of the PS4, makes a comeback, providing users with updates on their friends’ gaming progress, including trophies earned and games played.

New PlayStation 5 UI - Image Credit - Mystic YouTube
New PlayStation 5 UI – Image Credit – Mystic YouTube

When Will Sony Release the New User Interface?

There is currently no news of when the new PlayStation 5 User Interface will be released. Youtuber Mystic said the current preview is only in Beta and only viewable by some players in the United States. However, with it already available to some players, we are expecting a release announcement soon.