Palworld Discusses the Possibility of Branching to Other Platforms

The viral creature-collecting game Palworld has been discussing the possibility of bringing the game to other platforms.

Palworld was an immediate hit when it was released in January 2024 and made players fall in love with its cute Pal’s, quirkiness, fun gameplay, and multiplayer play. Although Palworld was a hit and is still capturing people’s hearts, players can’t help but wonder if other platforms are ever going to enjoy the sensational Palworld.

Which Platforms Are Palworld Branching To?

There is no confirmed information on which platforms Palworld will be branching to as they are currently only ‘in talks’ about this idea. In a recent Bloomberg news piece, they spoke with Takuro Mizobe, and he revealed that Pocketpair is ‘in talks’ about possibly bringing the game to platforms outside of Steam and Game Pass. He also mentioned that the studio is open to considering offers with a partnership or acquisition but has confirmed they are currently not in talks with Microsoft about this idea.

Elizabee in Palworld
Elizabee, Image Credit – Pocketpair Youtube

Players will still need to be patient to see if the game will come to PlayStation or Switch consoles, as it is still in early access, and neither of these platforms usually gives players access to early-access games. While Palworld coming to PlayStation or Switch hasn’t been confirmed, Mizobe did mention that “Games are most fun when playing with friends.”

This could mean that the game could still branch out to other consoles, as he believes that multiplayer is important to modern gaming. However, this branch out could also mean bringing Palworld to other PC storefronts rather than other consoles. Either way, players will still need to wait and see if Palworld will come to their desired console.

That’s everything you need to know about Palworld branching to other platforms. If you’d like to find more information like this about Palworld, feel free to check out our Guide Hub.