Palworld New Update April 2024

Palworld Planning Large Mid-2024 Update, With New Island and Pals

Palworld continues to remind us why the game is incredibly loved by adding new content and promising a massive mid-2024 update with a new island and Pals.

The creature-collecting survival game had an incredible concurrent peak of over 2.1 million players but has since been fairly scarce with content updates. Fortunately, the developers are completely aware of their situation and have introduced a raid boss update before announcing that they are working on a larger, more substantial update for mid-2024. Here is everything you need to know about the most recent and upcoming Palworld update.

What is included in the New Palworld Update

The most important feature in the latest Palworld update is the implementation of the first Raid Boss, which can be summoned using slabs at the new Summoning Altar. Unfortunately, these Pals are far too powerful to be caught, but there is a chance that the Bosses will drop Pals Eggs.

There are also a bunch of new items to increase Palworld’s overall quality of life. These include:

  • Training Manual: Give experience points to Pals.
  • Ancient Technical Manual: It gives you ancient technology points and can be found inside dungeon chests.
  • Recovery Meds: Using these meds will slowly recover your HP over time.
  • Homeward Thundercloud: This item will instantly move you to your nearest base.
  • Ability Glasses: When equipped, you can see Pal’s stats.
  • Power Fruit, Life Fruit, Stout Fruit: These items will boost Pal’s stats when used.
  • Mercy Hit (Passive): Pals with this passive cannot reduce enemy HP below 1 when attacking.
  • Ring of Mercy: When wearing this ring, you cannot reduce enemy HP below 1 when attacking.
  • Multiclimate Undershirt (Armor): Protect yourself against both the heat and the cold.
  • Electric Egg Incubator (Building): This consumes electricity to automatically adjust the temperature to the optimum temperature for each egg.
  • Ore Mining Site (Building): This allows you to produce ores from the comfort of your base.

There are also plenty of other new features in the Palworld update, including the ability to force a Pal to work and cancel their break by picking them up and throwing them towards a facility. You can check out all the changes via the link here.

Bellanoir Libero In-game Screenshot of Raid Pal
Bellanoir Libero: In-game Screenshot of Raid Pal

What is Coming in the Large Mid-Year 2024 Palworld Update

Alongside the latest update, the developers announced that they are “planning a larger, more content-packed update for summer 2024.” This update plans to introduce distinct scenery and experiences on a new island with fresh Pals to put to work. They mentioned that there would also be new buildings, weapons, and tower bosses.

That’s everything you need to know about the latest Palworld updates. Make sure you check out our Guide Hub for the latest news and articles on the game.


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