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Palworld Breaks Steam Concurrent Player Record on Launch Weekend

Palworld has been released to overwhelming success, with record numbers of players launching the game on the first weekend.

The so-called “Pokemon with Guns” game has shown that it’s more than just a Pokemon clone after releasing an exorbitant amount of content for players to enjoy despite being in early access. As a result, players have flocked to download the game, generating substantial hype in the process.

Palworld Breaks Paid Steam Concurrent Player Record

In the opening weekend, Palworld broke the record for the highest concurrent player count of any paid game in Steam’s history. The game has also sold over 4 million copies in 3 days. According to the Palworld Twitter account, sales momentum reached “86,000 units per hour”, which is an incredible achievement for the developers.

As of writing, Palworld has peaked at 1,291,967 concurrent players on Steam, and with the game increasing in numbers each day, this number will only grow higher. It’s also important to mention that the game is on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, so the total number of concurrent players will outdoubtably be a lot higher.

It’s great to see a game like Palworld provide such an unique experience in a genre that has been around for a long time. If you haven’t checked out the game yet, then we highly recommend playing it with friends while the hype is high.

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In-game Screenshot


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