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Palworld: Can You Play Offline Singleplayer?

Palworld promises a fun open-world Pokemon-esque experience, which many are hoping can be played in offline singleplayer mode. But can you enjoy the game solo?

There have been few attempts at creating a multiplayer Pokemon experience despite the steady increase of interest for one. Fortunately, Palworld offers to give fans the true multiplayer Pokemon experience, except this time with guns. However, while many want to play the game with friends, some still want to play in singleplayer. It’s even sweeter if the game allows them to play solo without needing a pesky internet connection. Fortunately, if you were hoping to enjoy Palworld in a singleplayer offline mode, you’re absolutely in luck.

Can You Play Palworld in Offline Singleplayer?

Yes, you can play Palworld singleplayer and still get access to all of the game’s content. Additionally, Palworld is available offline, as it only requires an internet connection to access the multiplayer modes. This applies to both Xbox and PC. This was confirmed by the developers via a Steam FAQ for the game. When answering the question, “Can Palworld be played offline and single-player?” they responded, “Yes! You can play Palworld by yourself offline or with your friends online!”

Additionally, it was confirmed by the game’s Steam store page, which lists it as singleplayer and states in the requirements section that an “Internet connection [is] required for multiplayer.” It makes sense that Palworld would allow for offline singleplayer gameplay, as the developer’s previous game, Craftopia, was the same.

Character shooting a Pal in Palworld
In-game screenshot

It’s worth noting that you cannot use your singleplayer character in a multiplayer server. Any progress you make will be tied directly to your singleplayer world in Palworld. However, if you host a co-op world, you can switch it between singleplayer and multiplayer whenever you want, allowing you to ostensibly use your singleplayer character in a multiplayer server.

That’s everything you need to know about playing Palworld in singleplayer offline mode. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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