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Palworld Step Aside, Azur Promilia Is the Next Pokemon Rival 

Azur Promilia is a mix between Palworld, Pokemon, and Genshin Impact and is launching on PlayStation 5, PC, and mobile.

If you thought that Palworld was cutting it close with its Pokemon-esque gameplay, meet Azur Promilia. This upcoming RPG seems to be a perfect blend of Genshin Impact’s open-world gameplay and visuals with Palworld’s creature collecting and farming features. Oh, and obviously Pokemon, which started it all.

Azur Promilia Is Genshin Impact Meets Pokemon On PlayStation 5

Azur Promilia is the next attempt at creating a Genshin Impact-esque gacha hit, as it tries to blend a vast anime-inspired open world with creature-collecting elements and a whole host of adorable waifu. It is being developer by Manjuu Network Technology, who are best known for Azur Lane. For those not in the know, it is a side-scrolling bullet hell that grew immensely in popularity, garnering an anime adaptation, card game, and a spin-off called Azur Lane Crosswave.

In Azur Promilia, you explore a vast open world with your party of AI-controlled characters. You’ll fight monsters in real-time combat using elemental abilities as well as creatures that you collect. These creatures can also be used to gather materials around the open world, as well as solve puzzles. Naturally, you can also ride and fly on them to traverse the world faster. Finally, there’s also a farming mini-game involving your adorable creatures. You can check out a lengthy gameplay trailer below.

Outside of that, not much is known about the game beyond some lore-specific details found on its website. For example, while it most likely will have some form of multiplayer, it isn’t clear yet. However, you can pre-register to try the game out for yourself by heading to its official website. It will be launching exclusively for PlayStation 5, PC, Android, and iOS, although no release date has been given.

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