Palworld: All Starter Pals

Palworld has a selection of Starter Pals to choose from when you begin the game. But how many Starter Pals are there, and what are they?

In Palworld, players can live peacefully together with Pals, mysterious creatures that can be used to fight, work, sell, or, surprisingly, ingest. However, before diving into your adventure and gathering Pals, you must pick from a selection of Starter Pals. Each Starter Pal has their own unique abilities, each catering to different playstyles. If you’re struggling to decide which Starter Pal is for you, we’ve got you covered. Below, we outline all Starter Pals in Palworld.

All Starter Pals in Palworld

In Palworld, there are only 3 Starter Pals to choose from: Foxparks, Lamball, and Chikipi. These Pals have a variety of differences from each other, as they each have specific skills and abilities that are unique to them, along with the type of Pal they are. However, if you are struggling to pick between them, it should be noted that any of these Pals can be captured later on in Palworld. Below, we discuss each Starter Pal in Palworld.


Foxparks is number #001 in the Paldeck and is a fire-type Pal. The fox is agile, shoots fireballs out of its tail when fighting, and allows you to use it as a flamethrower. When Foxparks is under your arm, it will blast a continuous stream of fire out of its mouth. This ability also allows Foxparks to light campfires and cook food, which is imperitive to your survival in Palworld.

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Lamball is number #007 in the Paldeck and is a neutral-type Pal. The lamb has been seen using a roll attack when fighting, a machine gun, and can be used as a portable shield as Lamball allows you to pick it up. This Starter Pal is considered at the bottom of the food chain due to how easily they can be defeated in Palworld. However, Lamballs are helpful as they can be used in construction, as a group has been seen hammering at a conveyor belt.

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Chikipi is number #031 in the Paldeck and is a neutral-type Pal. The chicken has been seen using air attacks when it flaps its wings. However, that is all we currently know about Chikipi’s attacks. The only other information we know about the Chikipi is that it is delicious when eaten, and there is an abundance of them no matter how many you hunt down.

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That’s everything you need to know about the 3 Starter Pals in Palworld. If you’d like to find more information about Palworld, feel free to check out our Guides Hub.