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Once Human: How to Upgrade Your Gear

Once you’ve unlocked the best gear Once Human has to offer, you’ll want to upgrade it to make it even more powerful. Here’s how you do that.

There is so much gear on offer in Once Human, from powerful weapons to pretty impressive armor. Fortunately, if you grow attached to a certain weapon or piece of armor, you can hold on to it and make it incrementally more powerful through upgrades. There are a number of ways to upgrade your gear in Once Human, and we go through them all below.

How to Upgrade Your Gear in Once Human

There are several ways to upgrade your weapons and armor gear in Once Human. The first is to build a Weapons and Armor workbench. You’ll unlock these in your Cradle by playing through the story, and they can then be built from the Crafting section of the Facilities tab in your building menu. The higher-tier workbenches let you craft higher-tiered and, therefore, better versions of your current gear. To unlock better workbenches, you’ll need to defeat the various bosses and then obtain them from the Memetics section of your Cradle. It works like this:

  • Basic Workbenches let you craft Tier 1 and 2 gear
  • Intermediate Workbenches let you craft Tier 3 and 4 gear
  • Advanced Workbenches let you craft Tier 5 gear
The calibrate menu in Once Human
The Calibrate screen in the workbench menu
Image Credit – Glitchiz

Additionally, once you’ve built your workbench, open it and select the Calibrate section (you can also just press H next to the workbench to immediately access the Calibrate menu). From here, you can spend resources to upgrade the Primary Attributes of your gear. For example, for weapons, this includes the Crit Rate, Crit DMG, and Weakspot Damage. These are small boosts, but they will make your weapons and armor more powerful. You’ll need a lot of Stardust Source to Calibrate your weapons, so make sure to horde that.

Finally, you can increase your gear’s base stats in Once Human by going into your inventory, selecting the Blueprints tab, and right-clicking on the gear you want to enhance. Then, select the Enhancements tab and select enough Blueprints to fill up the gear’s experience bar. You can use any blueprint, so make sure to use the leftover blueprints you’re not bothered about.

The weapon enhancement screen in Once Human
The Enhancement screen in the Blueprints tab
In-game screenshot

If you run out of resources, you can use your Disassembly Machine to disassemble your lower-tiered gear. This will give you back what you used to craft it initially, as well as additional resources. That’s everything you need to know about upgrading your gear in Once Human. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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