Motorcycle Garage Once Human (Source: Game Crater)

Once Human: How to Acquire the Motorcycle & Garage

Having a Motorcycle makes traversal more convenient in Once Human, and luckily, we provide the know-how for getting one.

The world of Once Human is vast, and traversing around it on foot can get very old quickly. Although at the beginning, you start by walking around, you can find a much more suitable means of travel around the territories of the game. The Motorcycle is much faster and will give you a stylish look when moving around the map. Below, we detail how to get the Motorcycle in Once Human and the Garage to upgrade the Motorcycle.

How to Get the Motorcycle in Once Human

The Motorcycle can be earned in Once Human after meeting Mary in the Stardust Journey quest during the main questline. Mary is located in Deadsville, in the south of the Dayton Wetlands region of the game. After conversing with her, she will give you a Motorcycle to use as a means of transportation.

Fortunately, players will come across Mary as they progress the main questline, so as long as you have reached the Deadsville area, you know you are on the right track. These vehicles are base vehicles, and if you are worried about losing one, fret no longer, as they can be crafted using the garage.

How to Unlock & Craft the Motorcycle Garage in Once Human

Players must unlock the Motorcycle Garage in the Memetics menu with 1 Cypher to craft it. The Garage Memetic is located on the second Memetic skill tree page, and once a Cypher is used, players can begin crafting one.

13 Copper Ingots and 10 Rusted Parts are the materials players need to craft the Motorcycle Garage. Once the appropriate materials are acquired, go to the Building section in the Facilities section, which is under Crafting, to build the Motorcycle Garage. Players can make a Copper Ingot by placing 3 Copper Ore and 1 Charcoal into a Furnace. Rusted Parts can be crafted by placing Junk found around the map into the Disassembly Bench. Additionally, the Motorcycle can be enhanced by upgrading its various parts: Frame, Tires, Engine, and Tank. However, players must use Cyphers on the Memetic sections on the respective Motorcycle parts to get the upgrades and start crafting better versions.

Building the Motorcycle Garage works like the Campsite in Once Human. Players must make sure they find flat ground to make sure construction begins on it. Furthermore, it must be built in your Territory, so make sure to pick wisely where you want it.

Street Motorcycle Garage Once Human (Source: Game Crater)
Street Motorcycle Garage Once Human (Source: Game Crater)

How to Summon Your Motorcycle in Once Human

Players can summon their Motorcycle by pressing the “G” on the keyboard. Unfortunately, the Motorcycle Garage is a location that only allows you to upgrade your bike, and that’s it. As with other means of traversal, players must summon the Motorcycle in the open world to start riding it. However, doing so is very quick and allows players to be on the move much more efficiently. As mentioned above, upgrading it will transform it into a much faster and more convenient way of traveling from place to place.

That is everything to know about unlocking the Motorcycle and Garage in Once Human. Once you are prepared, hit the open road and see what you find. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Guide Hub for more helpful information on Once Human.