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Once Human: All Materials & How to Get Them Guide

If you’re stuck searching for a specific material in Once Human, then worry no more. Here are all the materials in the game and how to get them.

Players will need to gather all sorts of materials in Once Human in order to upgrade their gear, craft food, and construct structures. Fortunately, materials are relatively easy to acquire once you know how to get them. Below, we’ve listed all of the materials in the game, as well as how to get your hands on them.

All Materials in Once Human

There are a lot of materials in Once Human for players to gather, including ores to mine, food and materials to gather, and additional materials that can only be obtained by disassembling junk. We’ve gone over every material we know about in Once Human and will update this article with more when we discover them:


  • Gravel – Gained by mining any mining node
  • Sulfur – Gained by mining sulfur nodes
  • Copper Ore – Gained by mining Copper nodes
  • Tin Ore – Gained by mining Tin nodes
  • Iron Ore – Gained by mining Iron nodes
  • Titanium Ore – Gained by mining Titanium nodes
  • Aluminum Ore – Gained by mining Aluminum nodes
  • Tungsten Ore – Gained by mining Tungsten nodes


  • Log – Gained from any tree type
  • Wheat – Gained by gathering it
  • Saffron – Gained by gathering it
  • Sage – Gained by gathering it
  • Salt – Gained by crafting it on a Stove
  • Masala – Gained from Strongholds
  • Hide – Gained by looting animals
  • Chop – Gained by looting animals
  • Deviated Ribs – Gained by looting animals
  • Raw Meat – Gained by looting animals
  • Stardust – Gained by looting Refineries
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  • Charcoal – Gained by burning Logs in the Furnace
  • Glass – Gained by smelting Gravel in the Furnace
  • Copper Ingot – Gained by smelting Copper Ore in the Furnace
  • Bronze Ingot – Gained by smelting Tin Ore in the Furnace
  • Steel Ingot – Gained by smelting Iron Ore in the Furnace

Dissembled Materials

These are all gained by disassembling junk as well as any other items you don’t want in a Disassembly Bench. You can build one in the Crafting section of the Facilities Tab in your building menu for 20 Gravel and 10 Copper Ingots.

  • Metal Scraps
  • Electronics Accessory
  • Adhesive
  • Rubber
  • Shabby Fabric
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Carbon Fiber Fabric
  • Rusted Parts
  • Standard Parts
  • Refined Parts
  • Waste Plastic
  • All-Purpose Plastic
  • Fireproof Plastic

That’s all of the materials in Once Human and how to get them. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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