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Team17 Announce New Tropical DLC For Couch Co-Op Game Moving Out

Publisher Team17 and developers DevM Games and SMG Studio have announced a brand new DLC for their wacky couch co-op game Moving Out!

Movers In Paradise is the very first premium DLC for the critically acclaimed game Moving Out. It transports players to Packmore Island, a beautiful tropical island full of inconveniences to get in the way of your packing! As the Furniture Arrangement and Relocations Technicians (aka F.A.R.Ts), it’ll be your job to face the blistering heats and explore the island and all its treasures across 14 new levels!

Moving Out - DLC
Image Credit – Team17

Movers In Paradise DLC

Movers In Paradise sees to expand the base game with brand-new zany content. It’ll be familiar enough that returning players won’t feel completely deserted, but switches things up enough that it’ll feel fresh and new! So, what exactly do you get in this new DLC. Well, a boatload of content! I’ve compiled a list of everything included below:

  • 14 new tropical themed levels set across ancient ruins, shipwrecks and more!
  • 10 new arcade levels
  • 4 brand-new F.A.R.Ts employees to play as. These areTooki the toucan, Coco the coconut, Clawdius the crab, and Gilly the fish
  • New trophies to collect and achievements to complete
Moving Out - Movers In Paradise
Image Credit – Team17

Free New Update

On top of the Movers in Paradise DLC, Moving Out players will be able to download a game-changing update entirely for free! This update is adding an entirely new feature that flips the game right on its head. Sick of packing up and moving out? Then you’ll be happy to hear you’ll now be able to move in! This new update will task players with unpacking removal vans and positioning items in the correct locations as fast as they can! This new game mode will take place across a bunch of Moving Out’s original levels, so it’ll add a whole load of replay value to the game.

Moving Out - Ancient Ruins
Image Credit – Team17

Release Date & Price

Both Movers in Paradise and the free update will be available from today on both PC and consoles! The new DLC will cost $7.49/ €7.49/ £5.99.

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