Meta Will Delete Oculus Accounts at the End of March

You should act quickly to migrate your Oculus account to a Meta account, as the opportunity will disappear very soon.

Meta, the tech giant previously known as Facebook, is making a significant change that will affect Oculus users worldwide. This decision marks a pivotal moment for the virtual reality community, urging users to migrate their Oculus accounts to Meta accounts to preserve their data and continue enjoying their VR content without interruption. Below is an image of the notification players are receiving.

Oculus Account Meta
Oculus Account Meta Notification

When will Oculus Accounts Expire?

Oculus accounts are set to expire on March 29, 2024. After this date, users will no longer be able to reactivate or retrieve their apps, in-app purchases, store credits, and more. This means losing achievements, friends lists, and any content created with an Oculus account. The deadline is drawing near, and for those who have not yet made the switch to a Meta account, the time to act is now.

How do I Migrate My Oculus Account to a Meta Account?

If you have not yet migrated your Oculus account to a Meta one, rest assured, as the process is quite simple and user-friendly. To facilitate this transition, Meta has proactively dispatched emails to Oculus users, outlining the necessary steps for a seamless migration. Specifically, the company suggests visiting a linked webpage where users can sign up for a Meta account using the same email linked to their Oculus account. By following these instructions, users will ensure uninterrupted access to all their favorite games, data, and other purchases previously tied to their Oculus account, effectively merging their virtual reality experiences under one unified Meta account.

Migrating to a Meta account is essential for those wishing to preserve their virtual reality experiences. Since 2020, Oculus has been moving away from standalone Oculus accounts, requiring new users to sign up with Facebook accounts. In 2022, Meta introduced the option to create a Meta account, providing an alternative for users who prefer not to link their Facebook account to their Quest headset. By January 2023, Meta had ceased Oculus account logins, making migration to Meta accounts the only option for continued access.