Stellar Blade no censor

Don’t Panic, Stellar Blade Will Be Uncensored in All Regions

Stellar Blade looks to leave in all of the gore, language, and colorful costumes as it will be completely uncensored in every gaming region.

Stellar Blade aims to deliver a refreshing action-adventure to PlayStation 5 players on Friday, April 26, 2024. As we approach the review embargo lifting date, new details on the game by South Korean developer SHIFT Up have emerged. Fans in various regions have been worrying that the game’s more explicit elements will be censored. However, a new announcement from the studio has eased those concerns.

Stellar Blade Will Be Uncensored When It Releases

Stellar Blade features various aspects that push the game out of the “PG” rating. Examples include revealing clothes for the protagonist Eve, a lot of gore, including different body parts being sliced off in cutscenes, and terrifying monster designs. However, recently, SHIFT UP posted on the official Stellar Blade X account that the game is uncensored in all regions. Therefore, even the Japanese version of the game allows players to see it in all its glory.

The game not being censored in Japan is a shock. Typically, it has stricter guidelines when it comes to ratings. For example, The Last of Us by Naughty Dog has dismemberment completely removed in the Japanese versions of games. Additionally, a famous change is that of Fallout 3. There is a choice to destroy the town of Megaton with a nuclear bomb that is not present in the Japanese variant of the Bethesda title. So, a significant change is that Stellar Blade will be uncensored across all regions and allow Japanese players to experience various mature aspects. If you are curious to see SHIFT UP’s official announcement on Stellar Blade being uncensored, it can you can see it below.

What is Stellar Blade’s Rating?

Stellar Blade is listed with an ESRB rating of Mature and an 18+ rating internationally. Of course, it’s an 18 for fairly obvious reasons. For example, there are very violent scenes, including the removal of various body parts during combat. You’ll also see a lot of blood bursting from monsters when slashing them with your sword. The protagonist also wears revealing and skin-tight clothes, highlighting the cleavage on her body. Furthermore, harsh language is present in the game, with characters using words like “sh*t.”

It’s definitely worth knowing these features before purchasing the game, especially if you figured you were in for a lightweight adventure. However, Stellar Blade’s many mature elements and being uncensored everywhere is still a shock. Are you excited for Stellar Blade, and are you surprised it is uncensored everywhere? Let us know in the comments below. As its launch day draws near, be sure to check out our Guide Hub for more information on the game.


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