A knight in Lords of the Fallen holding a wooden talisman

Does Lords of the Fallen Have New Game Plus?

Lords of the Fallen offers players a lengthy adventure through two grimdark worlds, but once you’ve wrapped up the base game, is there a New Game Plus mode?

New Game Plus modes are extremely popular in soulslike games, as they allow players to experience the game for a second time while carrying across some of their progression. So, it is no surprise that fans are wondering whether Lords of the Fallen, the new soulslike from HexWorks, has a New Game+ mode.

Is There a New Game Plus Mode in Lords of the Fallen (2023)?

Yes, Lords of the Fallen has a New Game Plus mode that will drastically increase the difficulty and change how players experience the game. For example, the Lords of the Fallen New Game + mode will replace all but one of the Ancient Vestiges (save points) with Vestige Seedlings. So, instead of having permanent save points throughout the world, players will instead have to use one-time-use Vestige Seedlings as temporary save points. The only Ancient Vestige point will be in the game’s hub world.

This was all confirmed by HexWorks’ studio boss Saul Gascon and Creative Director Cezar Virtosu in an interview with MP1st. During the interview, they also explained that there will be a “couple of extra surprises that you will find in NG+” exclusively. While not everything about the New Game Plus mode has been explained, it will definitely be a greater challenge, with enemies dealing more damage and having more health.

A mage in Lords of the fallen shooting fire at an enemy through a latern

Interestingly, Gascon and Virtosu explained that they had originally designed Lords of the Fallen to have Vestige Seedlings instead of permanent save points. However, players found it to be too tough, so they changed the base game and made the original version the New Game + mode. Of course, with the base game already being quite lengthy, it seems like the New Game Plus mode will add so much content for the soulslike enthusiasts out there.

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