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Lords of the Fallen Roadmap Reveals New Quest & Armor DLC Updates

A new roadmap has been unveiled for Lords of the Fallen, revealing new questlines and armor sets coming to the game as well as important quality-of-life updates.

Following the recent Halloween event for Lords of the Fallen, the game’s developer, HexWorks, has revealed a comprehensive roadmap detailing everything coming to the game in the next few months. It includes brand-new quests and armor sets, as well as key updates that’ll address the game’s biggest technical and balancing shortcomings. Below, we’ve outlined everything coming in the Lords of the Fallen roadmap.

Lords of the Fallen 2023 Roadmap

The Lords of the Fallen 2023 roadmap has revealed that performance and stability patches are in the works, as well as new armor sets and questlines, split PvE and PvP balancing, inventory expansions, spell packs, and more. The roadmap, which details everything being added to the game across the rest of 2023, showcases the plethora of improvements and additional content coming to the game. You can see a full list of everything being added below:

  • General weekly fixes
    • Stability
    • Performance
    • Save game fixes
    • Co-op/PVP improvements
    • Balancing
    • Boss difficulty increases
    • General quality of life improvements
  • Two inventory expansions
  • Two spell packs
    • Adding 12 new spells
  • Umbral Armor set and questline
  • Rhogar Armor set and questline
  • Radiant Armor set and questline
  • New questline event
  • New Grevious Strikes
  • Split PVE/PVP Balancing
  • Additional secret boss weapon abilities
  • Gamepad rebindings
  • New Game+ modifiers

You can see the roadmap for yourself below.

The 2023 Lords of the Fallen roadmap
Credit – HexWorks

Lords of the Fallen has already received a number of patches that have fixed the poor stability and performance issues present at launch. However, HexWorks is clearly eager to address the many criticisms fans have had about the game.

While no specific dates have been given for when each of these elements will be implemented, HexWorks has confirmed that players can expect the questline events, as well as new armor sets and questlines, to appear by the end of the year. While you wait for these new updates, make sure to check out our Games Hub for more guides and news.

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