Lethal Company Pumpkins

Lethal Company: What are Pumpkins?

Lethal Company players have noticed an odd item sticking around in the game: Pumpkins. But what are they, and what do they do?

As many dangers fill Lethal Company, players are cautious of different or new things they encounter while playing. One such notable object is the Pumpkins, which were introduced all the way back in November. If you’ve played for long enough, you’ll likely have seen them scattered around. Below, we explain what these iconic Halloween decorations are doing in the game and what their exact purpose is.

What are Pumpkins in Lethal Company

Pumpkins in Lethal Company are massive, round orange objects that are found on the ground and are passive to players. If anyone is to approach a Pumpkin, they will notice that it is inanimate and does not react or attack. They are completely non-lethal to you and your team. Players can see them scattered around outside and do not have to worry about them.

Despite typically being a Halloween decoration, they still linger despite it getting very close to the holidays, without any explanation as to why. However, it is possible that once this holiday season is over, a patch for the game will be made to take out the inanimate objects, as the time for Halloween has long passed.

Lethal Company Group of Pumpkins
Image Credit – mlkperolataw (Reddit)

What Do Pumpkins Do in Lethal Company

Pumpkins are inanimate objects in Lethal Company and are not monsters; therefore, they are passive to players. However, they can be used to lose the trail of a creature hunting you due to their enormous size. The way to do this is simply to navigate around the Pumpkin while being chased. Doing so should cause the monster to be unsure of where you went and lose its aggression.

This has become a popular method amongst players when they have to deal with the different monsters that inhabit the outside areas. However, it’s important to note that it is not foolproof and should be used at your own discretion. That is all there is to know about the Pumpkins and what they do in Lethal Company. Players wanting more information or guides on the game can check out our Game Hub.


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