The cauldron in Hades 2

Hades 2: All Incantations & Their Effects

There are a lot of Incantations in Hades 2 that unlock a wealth of amazing new features. Here are all the Incantations, their recipes, and effects.

In the Crossroads, players will find a giant cauldron. You’ll use this to unlock Incantations, which are essentially new features designed to make each run easier. Of course, they don’t come for free. So, you’ll need to use the various materials you find in each run to unlock them. You won’t have access to the cauldron immediately, as it’s only unlocked after your second run in the Underworld. Additionally, it’s not always clear how to unlock an Incantation. Some are discovered by simply reaching a certain area, while others require you to talk to a cat three times. Below, we’ve listed every Incantation, its recipe, and its effect, to make your time in Hades 2 a little easier.

All Incantations in Hades 2

There are 43 Incantations in Hades 2 for players to unlock in Hades 2. These range from unlocking secret areas and challenges to opening more features within the Crossroads itself. As there is no particular order in which players will unlock Incantations, we’ve listed them alphabetically. Of course, if more Incantations are added or discovered, we’ll be sure to update this article. You can see all of the Incantations in Hades 2 in the table below:

Abyssal Insight2 Fate Fabric, 2 Pearl, 2 Moly, 2 NightshadeUnlocks the Pitch-Black Stone in the Training Grounds where you can do Trials to earn Star Dust.
Aspects of Night and Darkness5 Bronze, 1 NightshadeReveals Weapon Aspects in the Silver Pool for your Main Weapons
Attending a Faithful Beast1 Tears, 1 Wool, 4 WheatYour Familiars will remain in the Training Grounds and, when rested, can harvest twice as much.
Briny Lifespring3 Limestone, 3 LotusUnlock a rest area in Oceanus where you can restore your HP.
Circles of Protection1 Moly, 1 Lotus, 1 MandrakeUnlocks Warding Circles in Erebus.
Cleansing of Fountain-Waters1 Moly, 1 LotusImproves healing fountains so that they restore 10% more health.
Consecration of Ashes6 Ash, 1 Cinder, 6 Fate FabricUnlocks the ability to enhance your Arcana Cards at the Altar of Ashes.
Divination of the Elements5 PsycheUnlocks the ability to see the element of each of your Boons and use infusions.
Doomed Beckoning3 Fate Fabric, 1 NightshadeSummons Moros to the Crossroads.
Empath’s Intuition1 Fate Fabric, 3 MyrtleUnlocks the ability to see your relationship progress with every character in The Book of Shadows.
Faith of Familiar Spirits2 Nectar, 1 LotusAllows you to unlock Familiars using Witch’s Delight.
Fated Intervention1 Silver, 2 Ash, 2 MolyUnlocks the Fated List, which will grant you rewards for completing tasks.
Floral Fortune1 Ash, 1 NightshadeUnlocks the ability to sell plants to the Wretched Broker in exchange for Bones.
Flourishing Soil1 MolyUnlocks two Soil Plots in the Crossroads and gives you a Nightshade Seed.
Forget-Me-Not1 MolyUnlocks the ability to see which resources you need per item.
Gathering of Ancient Bones2 LimestoneGives one of your weapons Grave Thirst, which grants Bones after clearing a location.
Golden Lifespring3 Marble, 3 ShaderootUnlock a rest area in Tartarus where you can restore your HP.
Greater Favor of Gaia2 Marble, 4 Bronze, 4 IronUnlocks the ability to upgrade your Gathering Tools at the Silver Pool.
Kinship Fortune60 BonesUnlocks new items to buy at the Wretched Broker’s shop.
Kindred Keepsakes4 Limestone, 2 Moly, 1 LotusUnlocks the ability to switch Keepsakes after beating a boss.
Necromantic Influence5 Psyche, 5 NightshadeUnlocks the ability to sprint through Lone Shades to turn them against your enemies.
Night’s Craftwork1 MolyUnlocks the ability to make Gathering Tools at the Silver Pool.
Observance of Gaia’s Secrets7 Moly, 7 Lotus, 7 MossGives you a 20% chance to gain an additional resource every time you pick one up.
Permeation of Witching-Wards1 Cinder, 1 Shadow, 3 MolyAllows you to travel through the Warded gateway to the surface.
Propensity Toward Gold1 Lime, 1 Fate FabricReveals Golden Urns that, when broken, can drop up to 15 Gold Crowns.
Purification of Fountain-Waters1 Nightshade, 1 CattailImproves healing fountains so that they restore 10% more health.
Reagent Sensing1 MolyWill play a chiming sound after clearing a room to alert you of any remaining resources.
Reviving a Mournful Husk1 MyrtleCreates Golden Boughs in the Mourning Fields that reveal the path to the exit.
Rich Soil3 LotusUnlocks two more Soil Plots in the Crossroads.
Rise of Stygian Wells1 Moly, 1 NightshadeUnlocks the chance to spawn a Well of Charon while traversing the Underworld.
Rite of River-Fording4 Driftwood, 2 CattailUnlocks the Fishing Pier in the Crossroads.
Rite of Social Solidarity2 Nectar, 2 GarlicUnlocks the Crossroads Taverna.
Rite of Vapor-Cleansing2 Moly, 2 Lotus, 2 NightshadeUnlocks the Hot Springs in the Crossroads and adds Bath Salts to the Wretched Broker’s shop.
Rush of Fresh Air3 Fate Fabric, 1 Wool, 2 DriftwoodUnlocks the chance to spawn a Shrine of Hermes while traversing the surface.
Sandy Lifespring3 Iron, 3 DriftwoodUnlocks a hidden island in the Rift of Thessaly where you can restore your HP.
Summoning a Colony of Bats3 Moss, 3 RubbishUnlocks the All-Seeing Bats and a map to the City of Ephyra.
Summoning of the Mercantile Fortune10 BonesUnlocks the Wretched Broker shop in the Crossroads.
Surge of Fresh AirN/AUnlocks a Shrine of Hermes in the areas between each surface region.
Surge of Stygian Wells3 Moly, 3 CattailUnlocks a Well of Charon in the areas between each Underworld region.
Verdant Soil1 Wheat, 1 GarlicUnlocks a final two Soil Plots in the Crossroads.
Unearthed Troves5 Limestone, 1 NightshadeUnlocks the Infernal Troves challenges which require you to beat a certain number of enemies within a time limit.
Unraveling a Fateful Bond2 Lotus, 2 Moss, 2 Nightshade, 2 ThalamusStops your health from draining whenever you visit the surface.
Woodsy Lifespring3 Silver, 1 MolyUnlocks a hidden glade in Erebus where you can restore your HP.

That’s everything you need to know about the Incantations in Hades 2. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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