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Last Epoch: What Is the Offline Mode?

For those who struggle with playing online games or just have a slow internet connection, then you’ll be happy to hear Last Epoch has offline modes. However, it’s not quite that simple.

It can often feel like developers are forcing single-player-focused experiences into an online format. This can often alienate players who would otherwise be excited to try these games. Fortunately, Last Epoch, the latest ARPG success, is not one such game. While it has online elements, it does allow you to play offline. However, while it’s doable, it’s not exactly straightforward. Below, we explain Last Epoch’s offline modes.

Can You Play Last Epoch Offline?

Yes, you can play Last Epoch offline on PC. The game allows you to play solo completely offline without a need for an internet connection. This essentially turns it into a Diablo-esque single-player experience where you can enjoy the campaign mode completely alone.

However, it’s worth noting that there are two offline modes, one that is completely offline and the other that requires an internet connection. We will explain both modes below.

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Last Epoch Offline Mode Explained

Last Epoch has two offline modes: True Offline and Play Offline. If you want to play solo and without the need for an internet connection, then select True Offline mode in the launch options on Steam. However, if you want to maintain some of the online elements without playing without players, then select Play Offline from Last Epoch’s in-game main menu. We’ll break down both modes below:

  • True Offline – Selected from the launch options menu on Steam
    • This mode does not require the internet to play. You get access to absolutely everything other than game chat, co-op, and player trading.
  • Play Offline – Selected from the in-game main menu
    • This mode requires an internet connection initially to play. Once you’ve logged in, you no longer need access to the internet. You get access to everything, including the game chat, apart from player trading and co-op.
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It’s worth noting that a character made specifically for the True Offline and Play Offline modes is only playable in those modes. You cannot transfer your character from either mode to the online mode. Additionally, you cannot transfer an online character to the offline modes. Futhermore, you can pause the game at any time in either offline mode, and all towns and hub worlds will be instanced to you, meaning you’ll be the only player there.

However, outside of these minor differences, there are no major changes between the offline and online modes. You’ll still get to experience everything the game has to offer; you’ll just be doing so alone. That’s everything you need to know about playing Last Epoch Offline. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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