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Last Epoch: Is It Coming to Xbox?

If you were holding out on playing Last Epoch on the Xbox Series X|S, you may be a bit disappointed.

After spending almost five years in Early Access, Last Epoch is finally available for players to fully experience on PC. It’s a critically acclaimed ARPG inspired by Diablo and Path of Exile that was lovingly developed by die-hard fans of the genre. Now that the game has celebrated its official 1.0 release, many wonder if they can get it on Xbox consoles. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’ll be coming to the platform anytime soon.

Is Last Epoch Coming to Xbox?

No, Last Epoch is not coming to Xbox consoles with version 1.0 of the game. It is currently a PC exclusive. The developer, Eleventh Hour Games, has hinted that it will possibly come to Xbox and other consoles in the future. However, there are no official plans for a console release yet.

When commenting on the possibility of Last Epoch appearing on consoles, one of the developers of Eleventh Hour Games mentioned on Reddit that they “plan to bring it to console.” As version 1.0 of Last Epoch was released on February 21, we can assume that Eleventh Hour Games is now looking to bring the game to more platforms. As mentioned in the Reddit post below, both PlayStation and Xbox “are likely to be at the top of that list.” That’s good news for Xbox fans looking to get their hands on the game.

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However, as the game only just came out of Early Access, Last Epoch will not likely be coming to Xbox consoles for quite a while. Eleventh Hour Games will likely offer an update on an Xbox release before the end of the year, though there is “no set timeline” for this at the time of this writing.

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