Leaker Claims New Legend of Zelda Game Is Being Developed for the Switch 2

A new Legend of Zelda game is allegedly being developed for the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2, and it is codenamed “U-King-O.”

There has been much anticipation for the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2, from its specs to which games will launch on day one. Legend of Zelda has been a fan favorite for the Nintendo Switch. Not only did The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild win Game of the Year at the Game Awards in 2017, but its sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, was also part of the nominated games for 2023’s Game of the Year. It’s safe to say that The Legend of Zelda games are a hit. Now, it looks like another entry in the franchise could be coming to the next Nintendo Switch.

What Is U-King-O?

U-King-O is speculated to be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch 2. This is because the codename for Breath of the Wild was U-King-S, with the “S” referring to the Nintendo Switch. So, it stands to reason that U-King-O could be a BotW port or remaster for the Switch’s successor, with “O” referring to the Switch 2.

Project U-King-O could be an enhanced version of the seven-year-old game. After all, the Nintendo Switch 2 will have backwards combatibility. However, U-King-O could be an upcoming Legend of Zelda game in the same style we have seen for Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. Regardless, the O mentioned in the codename likely refers to the Switch’s successor.

Image Credit – Nintendo

It’s also worth mentioning that only a day before this leak, PapaGenos, another known leaker, alluded to a Legend of Zelda game with Zelda as the main protagonist. In his post on X (formerly Twitter), he capitalized certain letters throughout that spelled “This is a Hint.” This post also included several pictures of Zelda from Breath of the Wild. Both of these posts could be coincidental timing. However, it is plausible for Nintendo to create a Zelda stand-alone game, as Princess Peach: Showtime! has been a success.

Although this is exciting, like any other leaks, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. That’s everything you need to know about Project U-King-O. If you’d like to find more information like this, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.