Last Epoch player doing AOE magic attack

Last Epoch: Is There an Experience Penalty?

Players are wondering whether there is an experience penalty after dying and when facing high-level enemies in the Last Epoch. We answer that question below.

After almost five years in Early Access, Last Epoch has finally had its full 1.0 release and has been available for players to sink their teeth into since February 21. As more people get their hands on this action-packed looter ARPG, they want to know the most efficient ways of gaining XP and leveling up their characters. However, there has been some confusion online about whether there is a penalty to experience gain when dying and facing high-level enemies.

Is There an Experience Penalty in Last Epoch?

Yes, there is an experience penalty in Last Epoch when facing enemies over ten levels above you. The maximum experience you can gain from enemies caps out at ten levels above your own, making it pointless to pursue any enemies that are at a higher level than this. Thankfully, there is no experience penalty for dying in Last Epoch.

The experience penalty for facing much higher-level enemies prevents you from earning extra XP when defeating enemies ten levels above you. For example, if you are level 20 and defeat a level 40 enemy, you will only get an XP reward as if it were a level 30 enemy. This experience cap is there to incentivize players to engage in combat with enemies that are at a similar level to them and as a way to maintain balance.

Fighting enemies in combat in Last Epoch

Fortunately, there are no experience penalties for dying in Last Epoch. When your character dies in the game, you will retain all XP you gained before dying. Furthermore, you also get to keep all your gold when you die. Phew! That’s all there is to know about the experience penalty in Last Epoch. For more guides similar to this one, head over to our Guide Hub.