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Last Epoch: How to Get To The Temporal Sanctum

The Temporal Sanctum dungeon is eluding players in Last Epoch. Luckily, we have your back on how to get to it.

Last Epoch looks to provide a breath of fresh air in the ARPG genre. As the game fully launched on February 21, many players have divulged much of the game. However, as more people have been searching the world and its secrets, a dungeon called The Temporal Sanctum is out of the grasp of some explorers. Below, we provide instructions on accessing the mysterious dungeon in the Last Epoch.

How to Get to The Temporal Sanctum in Last Epoch

To enter The Temporal Sanctum in Last Epoch, you must acquire a Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Key, travel to The Shining Cove, head to the far-east of the map, use the time rift, and then defeat Ortra’ek the Survivor. However, while it may seem complex, we have listed the steps below in order to give you the exact process needed to access the dungeon:

  1. Acquire a Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Key
    • The item can drop from random enemies, Timeline Bosses, or in the Arena of Champions.
  2. Arrive at Shining Cove
    • Be sure to be in the Ruined timeline.
  3. Locate massive doors along the far-east portion of the map.
  4. Open the doors and head inside.
  5. Use the time rift that is present.
  6. Head Northwest. You will be on the right path if you pass shipwrecks.
  7. Defeat the boss, Ortra’ek the Survivor.
  8. Use the Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Key to gain access.
Temporal Sanctum game screen Last Epoch
Image Credit – Maxroll

Players should note that if they are playing in a group, only one member needs to have a Temporal Sanctum Dungeon Key in their possession. Doing so will still allow all group members to enter and explore the dungeon without penalty. However, should you follow the process and not have a key on you, you cannot enter until one drops.

That is everything to know about gaining access to The Temporal Sanctum dungeon in Last Epoch. If you found this guide helpful and want to see others like it, head to our Guide Hub for more details on Last Epoch.


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